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  1. I use the KM-009 Miura......nicely balanced putter but expensive.
  2. I played college golf, we got to play Riviera C.C. 2x/wk. Sandy Koufax would always be in the group just before us. Don't think I ever saw him hit the 1st fairway. Played w/ Johnny Bench and saw him hit a 340 yd carry over a lake, at PGA West, Palmer course. Played with R. Limbaugh, he used a foot wedge. OJ Simpson tried to join our group at Rancho G.C. W. Los Angeles, and all of us told him to take a hike! David McCallum, a gentleman, Norm Alden, (the malt-shop owner in Back to the Future.
  3. Why is the LPGA commissioner a man? How can a male really understand a woman's experience and concerns? No wonder the women pros are underpaid, and under-compensated. Personally, I believe the LPGA tour is more compelling than the men's tour of endless 80 yard approach shots on long par four holes. The women certainly have a more interesting and friendlier repartee than the ultra competitive guys do. This could change for the better.
  4. My 2nd favorite club besides wedge. Currently a Rogue jailbreak 5W.......180-220 yds. consistently off carpet, high launch, soft or roll out landing at will.......Depends on course, but can use it 8-12X per round..... In earlier years I could use 2-3 irons consistently, now a 5W replaces those.
  5. Much simpler to divorce if you're that creeped out.
  6. Because variety is one of the spices of life. If you can play well, you can hit any club, just like guitar.
  7. Those are really beautiful!! Congratulations, great score, enjoy them!
  8. Wedges take practice and touch. Replace time practicing with drivers and nail the short game. (I have 3 kids and 3 jobs). Nailing your short game is more rewarding than 350 yd tee shots.
  9. Interesting result! But, I wouldn't form conclusions from a single shot. Hit 50 shots w/ each club and see what the results are. You may have made perfect contact with your wife's club off the tee. Or, you might be an Expert Clubmaker.
  10. Srixon: Easy to hit well, nice to look at, long and accurate.
  11. Good idea. The LPGA is far more interesting than the PGA driver/1/2 wedge -23 tour anyway. The LPGA needs deep pocket sponsors.
  12. Find a chiropractor/Kinesiologist: We test all of your lower extremity muscles to find any obvious weaknesses. Then we give you a golf club/stance you, re-test to find out what's really causing your sciatica. You should have had at least plain-film X-rays by now to rule out pathology, or an MRI. With strengthening exercises specific to your body, you can become a better golfer, and maybe appreciate your lower back instead of fear it. Look into a Roman Chair for your home. Good luck.
  13. I guess I have been thinking this backwards. To me, improved performance would lead to better scores and more income. I've been playing a few different JDM brands for about 6 mos. and the feel is an improvement over US clubs I've used, in over 55 years. And maybe these guys are so good, it doesn't matter to them. It feels like they play whoever pays them the most? Also very impressed with their wedges and putters. Maybe some of them are illegal for the PGA?
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