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  1. In match play, A believes B is sitting 3. A says “that’s good for a 4”. B quickly pockets his ball and says “Thanks but actually that was for 5”. Had A known B was sitting 4 he would not have conceded. Isn’t the correct ruling that B is in for 4 because A is an idiot for not asking before conceding? In other words, there is no “conditional” concession even if A makes the concession explicitly conditional, B knows A is mistaken and the condition is not met, and A would not have conceded absent the mistake. btw, I’m the idiot ?
  2. They are getting pretty worn down after a decade - the 60 in particular. Very apparent visually and in play I find I can't stop or spin like I used to. Not that I was ever the spin doctor but I was able to stop them pretty quick. I'm getting more roll out without, I think, any change in swing or course conditions.
  3. No question that I would play PB (or RO) again rather than SHP for all of the reasons stated above. And, to be clear. I toned it down a bit for public consumption and not to offend the many SHP fans. The only thing that would change my mind is if you were a huge Pete Dye fan and you wanted to play one of his courses in honor of his recent death (seriously, some of my buddies would do that - I wouldn't). Can't speak to Jovita South as I haven't played it.
  4. Thanks again for all this info. Plane landed Monday at 12:25 pm, grabbed baggage and a car, made it to Southern Hills Plantationon Monday by 2:00, course was empty, played by myself, finished in 2:40. 36 at WW on Tuesday - group of 4 on Pine Barrens in am, finished in 4:00, played alone on Rolling Oaks in the afternoon - marshall asked if I minded starting on 10 to avoid a couple of groups, I agreed, and played with nobody in front or behind me the entire way other than a 4-some that jumped me at the turn but nicely let me play through after 1 hole - finished in 2:40 even playing a few pract
  5. Thanks. Southern Hills looks great. Looks like every tee time is open on the half hour - which is kind of weird. Do they really only send out groups every 30 minutes?
  6. Awesome info - thanks. Looks like it hasn't rained in a week or so. Question -- if all my timing works great, would you recommend heading straight up to World Woods vs trying one of the other courses. Variety is nice but if WW is a better course (conditions, lack of houses, pace of play), the extra 30 minutes may be worth it.
  7. Thanks very much. I think I'm going to take a different path and go to Tampa and play the two courses at World Woods. Seems to fit the bill best for the most golf in a limited amount of time. Streamsong looks awesome but (i) the extra 30 minute drive time will make the last day (flight day) round pretty tight to airport and (ii) the cost differential is massive (particularly considering the only halfway decent place to stay at Streamsong is the resort which is really pricey). So, if everything goes smoothly - twilight round at Pine Barren on arrival day, PB and RO the next day, and eithe
  8. I've been dealing with HR in both big toes for almost 20 years. The guys pushing rocker soles have the right idea. The X1 brace works ok in protecting the toe but is generally uncomfortable throughout the length of my foot after walking 18. The key is to find a good pedorthist, take him/her your favorite golf shoes (wide toe box is key to avoid compressing those bone spurs) and have him/her pull off the sole and add a rocker precisely where you need it (generally a function of examination /measurement). Makes walking 18 very doable for me when it would be literally impossible in regular go
  9. I played it a number of years ago and thought it was pretty good. Played it last Fall and it is now pretty bad. They've tricked up some of the bunkers with high, vertical, turf covered walls and the way the trap is designed your ball actually comes to rest under/behind the turf b/c the turf wall extends out over the sand. No way to get a club on it - have to take a drop. Hard to describe and I've never seen anything like it - but it happened to a couple of us a few times in one round. Totally unfair. Asked the guys at the pro shop and they said that the powers that be wanted to "toughen
  10. Thanks, we've decided on Mesquite, primarily for one of the reasons you mention - courses close to each other. This will greatly improve the odds of getting in 36 each day.
  11. Thanks, but a 5 hour round trip drive makes for an awful long day. Hopefully something a bit closer to PHX/Scottsdale. And, yes, I understand that my quest may not be possible but it would be great to find a non-CPO course
  12. Thanks - yep, I'm familiar with the orange flag policies but the few that I asked won't do it during post-overseeding - and I understand as the carts can do some real damage. So, any suggestions would be great - still searching.
  13. Four questions on these. 1. Can anybody compare the toe box width of the Original and the Outsider? The website says that Originals are extra wide (up to EEE) and Outsiders are wide (up to E). I need a wide toe box and a narrow heel. 2. How flexible is the leather at the base of the side of the big toe? I have hallux rigidus - bone spurs - and they need room to poke out on the side. I'm concerned the Outsider has an overlay at the spot so may be less flexible than the Original 3. How is the depth - I need to put an orthotic under the foot bed? 4. Sizing question -- I wear a 9.
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