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  1. 1. Orlando, Florida 2. 11.8 3. ZX 5 3. Yes 4. Ping I210 project x LZ 5.5 5. The V sole looks, feel, and forgiveness 6. Absolutely
  2. I have a set of srixon 565/765 combo with modus 120 stiff plus RTX 4 wedges if you’re interested in a trade.
  3. Does anyone have the Cool Pro's? How do they compare to the BH3's. I love my BH3 but I'm interested in the Cool Pros and can get a pair at a good price, thanks.
  4. I have the white ones and have no water stains at all. Had them soaked in several downpours and been wet in long grass. Sometimes when they are actually wet they have water marks but when they dry they are gone. Same thing for my white pair.
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