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  1. Curious if any of you are current members, and would be willing to chat about the culture, the course, and potentially sponsor. My wife and I are 32, with a 2 month old daughter. We’re new to the Boston area so this could be a great step for our social life. Thanks, Joe
  2. The Gallivanter wingtips (bottom) IMO. I’m on the verge of pulling the trigger but feel like I’d save them for nicer rounds, and avoid any early morning to avoid the wet grass and clippings.
  3. Thanks guys. We are in Boston in Beacon Hill, so I'm OK accepting a bit of a drive before we get anywhere. I'm very jealous of that 3 minute commute to your club. We're most likely in Boston for the next year at least. I appreciate the feedback, and will keep you all posted on what ends up working out best.
  4. Hey guys, I moved to Boston about a year and a half ago from NYC. I've made the rounds playing some great (and not so great) public courses in the area. That being said, my wife and I are 32 with our first little one on the way, so would love to have country club for the social aspect. I'm currently looking at Framingham CC, Nashawtuc, Oakley CC, Cape Club of Sharon to name a few. Our connections are limited since we're somewhat new to the area. Am I missing any affordable options in the area? Thanks so much, Joe
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