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  1. The feeling standing on the first tee with nothing but possibility laying before you...
  2. I used to take mine off when golfing or practising until the day I lost it on the range. My wife was surprisingly calm and we replaced it. I leave it on now and have become accustomed to wearing it. It's my good luck charm...and the cart girls know to leave me alone. Plus it helps that I'm fugly.
  3. I'll take getting skanked over getting shanked all day long.
  4. I see a Ventus Blue 7S with velocore for sale locally. Guy says he pulled it from a TM 5 wood. The length is 41.75" and has been tipped 0.5". I'm wondering how this shaft would play in the OO mini? The shaft I'm currently playing in my OO is a 42" Fuji XLr8 56 so I might need to extend it or maybe try it at the 5 wood length. It sounds like a good deal for me to try a ventus with velocore. Thoughts?
  5. I'm with you there JJ. I did however play a round on Friday. It's one of the more expensive and difficult courses in the area so there weren't too many neophytes and we played quickly. It's unusual but I'm seeing a lot of younger ladies in groups hitting balls. They are very chatty and loud. I get it - it's a public place but I'm trying to seriously practice but it's a party like atmosphere. Strange days and I miss the old days.
  6. I'm a big TM OO mini driver fan. I have two now a 13.5 and 11.5. The OO is the best driver I've ever played and I'm looking forward to what a new one might look like. I think TM hit a home run with this driver but it continues to live on the fringes. I tried dabbling in the 460's again this year and hit the Cobra Rad XB but I had to bring it back. It looked like a pregnant elephant to me and sounded like one as well. Went back to my little OO and the familiar sounding thwack followed by a lower bullet down the middle. I'm hunting for the right shaft now, but I might wait to get prope
  7. Thanks man - this snapped me out of more wallowing in my first world problems. My wife was more succinct when she called me a wuss and told me to get my Word not allowed back out there. Fore!
  8. It's crazy out there. I've been playing for around 30 years and I consider myself an avid golfer but I don't believe I've seen it like this before. I don't recall if the Tiger wave was this frenetic. Hopefully I'm not getting political, but the pandemic response here in Canada has resulted in a lot of surplus cash in jeans and golf courses and vendors are benefitting big time. Good for the game I suppose. I get it that people are eager to get back to living life but as of right now I don't feel like fighting for tee times or dealing with the bad etiquette or slow play from people new to t
  9. For me I believe I get more out of the 11.5 and it's my go to but I plan to hit the 13.5 more this year as I picked it up late last season. My thought for this year crazy as it sounds is to put both in the bag and mainly use the 11.5 off the tee and use the 13.5 occasionaly off the tee as well but also hit the 13.5 off the deck as a 3 wood. It might look goofy as a 3 wood but everything about the OO gives me confidence even off the deck. Love it!
  10. Just got home from hitting a bucket with these. I only brought the PW and 7 iron to compare with my forged. These hands down are the best clubs I've hit off the rack without a fitting! Having played a season with the 919F helps as they are sort of similar. They feel very lively compared to the forged with the ball exploding off the face. Thin faces will do that and is reminiscent of my cf16 Apex but everything about this club is better for me. Good first bucket and I can't wait to pump more with the rest of the set!
  11. The OO has made golf fun for me again. I don't hit as far as a well hit driver but I'd rather be 230 - 240 in the fairway than 250 in jail and pitching out sideways or backwards or 150 from the tee doing the same. I feel way more confident looking down at the mini than I do a 460 cc driver for some reason. I also really like the sound it makes - its a solid thwack. I have two now, one is 11.5 and the other is 13.5. They will be in the bag for a very long time.
  12. That's what I was hoping to hear! I just got home from the local golf town - when I walked to the irons display they had just received two brand new sets of HMP with the 5.5 shafts! I said I'll take a set of those please! They look fantastic and I can't wait to hit them. Putting them next to the 919F I see some obvious size differences but nothing off putting.
  13. I bought the 919 Forged last year but I'm hoping to get into irons that are a little more forgiving. I'm curious about the 921 HMP but I wonder if it's apples to apples. According to the Maltby scale, the 921 HMP has a slightly lower score in the game improvement category than the 919 F. Does that mean the 919 F is more forgiving? Oddly, the new 921 F is now considered more traditional where the 919 F is considered game improvement? The other problem right now is the pandemic has closed in store testing so I have to take them and tape them to test them. If I take them to the cours
  14. I experimented with this. I took a flatso and rotated it so the flat part of the grip was parallel with the putter face. I really liked it and the way the rounded part of the grip fit in my lower hand. The experiment didn't last long not because it wasn't effective but because I'm always messing with my clubs. This was a few years ago already and the funny part was asking the club tech to orient it this way and he looked at me like I had 3 eyes. My plan now is to try out a flat cat grip.
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