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  1. Time for me to force the change and adopt the stronger grip. Thanks
  2. When you take your grip, and you set the club behind the ball is the face shut and do you have to manipulate your stance or arms to square the face? Is the shaft leaning forward, and do you have to bring that back to neutral before you start the backswing or do you keep the forward shaft lean? When you take the stronger grip is the face already square with no other manipulations required? I've suspected for some time that one of the reasons for my over the top move is a result of my more weak than neutral grip and my inability to square the face. When I video my swing I throw up in my mouth a little because it's always a steep OTT move into the ball with either a hard pull or weak fade. A single digit bud of mine confirmed it for me yesterday by saying I need a stronger grip. I've tried strengthening my grip in the past but it feels awkward yet I like the solid contact and distance I get on a good swing. I can't stick with the stronger grip because it's mostly hooks off the planet and I always end up back with my weaker grip and inconsistent ball strikes. I feel like I need to force this change but I need to know when I look down at a stronger grip that it's on the right track. It would be cool if we could somehow take pictures of what we see in our grips looking down the shaft to the ball. Somebody invent eyeball cameras.
  3. Thanks, but the word that comes to mind when I think of my relationship with the golf ball is loser.
  4. I have two - both me, and both at driving ranges. The range was packed and the only opening was right next to the range shop/office. I'm hitting next to a very attractive lass who is obviously a very good golfer as she's working draws/ fades and pounding her driver. So I figure I'll impress her and hit a couple "draws" and "fades" as well - in quotes because I can do neither. My first "draw" attempt goes off either the hosel or toe still not sure, and then ricochets off the little steel divider between us and blasts straight through the window of the driving range shop with a thundering crash. Everybody on the packed range stops hitting and is looking around for the clown that managed such a miracle shot, including me. The gorgeous lady in the stall beside me then slowly turned around and looked at me like I just took a dump in the middle of a restaurant. Busted. I slithered into the shop and offered to pay for the window. The second one I was at a different range because see above story. I had just finished a basket except for about 5 balls because at this range there is a practise green for chipping that's about 50 yards away from the main tee boxes and when it's quiet guys will turn around and chip to this green which is behind the main tee area. So I turn around and figure since I'm warmed up so I'll drop a couple balls on the green. Nope - first and last shot is sculled just as a brand new Toyota Highlander is rounding the corner on the road that runs behind this green. One hop off the pavement and smashes out the headlight of said Toyota. I'm the only guy on the range so there's nowhere to hide, not that I'd do that anyway. Guy was a golfer and very nice about it and I gave him my contact number so I could pay for the headlight. Cost of a new Highlander headlight? $800!! Cost to my golfing ego? Priceless... One positive was he's the owner of a well known local nightclub and felt bad about the cost to me so he offered me a $100 drink voucher at his club which I fully used to numb my lack off chipping prowess - and hitting draws, or any other shot now that I think about it.
  5. I will also add for the guitarists on here - he did that without delay, overdrive, reverb, compression and all the other crutches we use to sound good. Very impressive...
  6. So I pulled the trigger on the G400. Bought it in the used bin at the local big box, but it's in like new condition. 10.5 with the standard Alta CB stiff shaft. Brought it and a handful of drivers to the range - my M2 and both my OO minis. I will say coming from mini drivers for the past 2 seasons I wasn't put off by the size of the G400. I love the size and shape of the head compared to the M2. Not having hit the bigger drivers it took me a few balls to figure things out but I put some solid hits on it and I think I like it. Great sound. I also teed up my 11.5 OO for a few and be damned if it didn't go near as far as the G400 or the M2. Solid thwack followed by a low straight bullet! I don't have any numbers and it was a very elevated driving range but I'm happy overall with the G400. I'll put it in the bag today along with my OO as a back up. Playing today with the future son-in-law who can send it and I'll see if the old man can keep up! Probably not...
  7. Just a bump for an additional question - standard G400 more forgiving than 2016 M2? Thanks
  8. I was rummaging through the bargain bin at the local big box and I saw a G400 and Great Big Bertha Fusion driver. Both were priced well and in decent shape. I'm really curious about the regular G400 as it's a slightly smaller head. I'm one of those guys that love the mini drivers, but I would dabble with something like a G400 with a smaller head. Everybody seems to want the Max but they're hard to find and I can't justify the price of the new 425's right now. The Fusion on the other hand according to some on here was a unicorn driver and was overlooked at the time. Is that still the case? You rarely see them in the used section. Thoughts on either of these drivers? Is the standard G400 more forgiving than the 2016 M2? This was my driver before I got into the Original One. Thanks for all the input thus far!
  9. Yup. I bought some of the newer V1x and it looks like the ones I played in my story were the previous version. No discernible difference for me - still performs great! It's getting cooler now in the GWN so I'll go back to a softer ball - prob my Z Star which is still a great ball, but I'm almost out of my stash. I didn't realize I was cutting someone else's grass by posting my story. My bad.
  10. That's pretty much my set up except I have a 3 hybrid behind the 5 wood. I can hit the OO off the deck with a decent lie and it goes as far as my drive.
  11. I have a problem with this as well. I’ve been blaming it on my lower back pain but it’s most likely a swing mechanic issue. I’m wondering if pre-loading the weight on the lead leg might help?
  12. The only other things I might add would be to strengthen your core. Don’t know about you but my core muscles are not conditioned. There are many core strengthening exercises one can do and I’m not talking sit ups. Planks etc and tons of golf specific moves. Also, for those of us with back troubles managing our waistlines is a must. Keeping the weight down lessens the strain on other support muscles that can become imbalanced and aggravate a bad back. Easier said than done I know! I think the core is often overlooked by us weekend athletes and its role in pretty much every sport. Another important part for me was playing Bobby Jones golf and playing from appropriate tees which kept me from having to swing harder to keep up.
  13. I’m a lower back pain sufferer as well. Stenosis at L5 S1 and other stuff going on. It feels like a dagger in the spine. Enough about me - I’m no expert on the swing but I can say from my own issues that you’re swing issues like EE are a result of the bodies desire to protect itself from further harm from an inherently back stressing golf swing. As hard as I try my body will never let me get into great golf positions so I (we) have to make it work other ways. Here’s what I’ve done and it’s going to sound goofy. I tried this again yesterday and it allowed my to play 18 and shoot a 79 (fantastic score for me) with minimal back issues the next day - are you ready? YouTube Bobby Jones swing. I stumbled on it a couple years ago and tried it at the range and on the course but like all things golf never stuck with it. It’s a very old school swing but he swings it so fluidly and easily with minimal tension. I’m sure others more versed in the swing might say it’s not a good model but it allows me to play with no pain. So on those days where I’m not playing golf swing and trying to force results (never going to happen for me) I tell myself on the tee - swing like Bobby Jones. My .02 cents for what that’s worth. Good luck but I’m interested in the replies as well! edit: try to find the video where Mr. Jones is describing how he hits the ball and build around that. I just went on the Tube and there are many videos of his swing.
  14. I had the 919 forged last year but didn’t quite get along with them. Sold them and bought the 921 hmpro off the rack in the lz 5.5. I love everything about these irons. The looks, the feel, everything. They feel as good or better than the forged imo. I’m a Mizuno guy for life now.
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