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  1. Thanks OP. A guy had a green laser pointer at work today and I decided I wanted one. Found one for 5.99 and with the coupon, got it shipped to my door for a grand total of $2.99. Awesome!
  2. Looks to me in the video like he stole Mickelson's right calf.
  3. It was painful to watch this guy totally destroy a perfectly good grip. Air is the way to go.
  4. In my opinion, swing weight on a putter is not as critical as other clubs because it's not much of an arc. I say it's not much of a factor.
  5. Rockytop is correct. It is the same torx as Ping and others use.
  6. I don't see the number representing the numerical sequence of each post in the threads. Are they there and I just can't see them? Thanks
  7. To answer the title of this thread.............yes........................ so expensive you don't even want to know how much.
  8. Several years ago I was playing a round with one of my buddies and his son. His son did not play golf very often and you could tell. We were on the 3rd tee box, par 3 205 yds and I pulled my 4 iron out. It's a hole with an elevated tee so I could see the entire green surface. I hit my shot and could see it was on a good line. It hit the front of the green, released, and rolled about 15 feet on a break and fell in the cup. Here's the funky part. When we got to the green in our carts, before I knew what was happening my buddies son ran up to the hole, plucked the ball out and tossed it to me. I
  9. On the subject of golfers and their hair..........if I was Tiger and had the money he has, my head would not look like his when he takes the cap off at the end of a round. Think Elton John here.
  10. I think Jack always wore a yellow shirt. If I'm not mistaken (and I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong) the players who are sponsored by clothing company's like Nike have their outfits planned out for all four rounds by the company.
  11. I noticed on eBay there is an Odyssey 2-ball center shaft knock off being sold as an arm lock putter. The auction says it has 7° of loft, head weight about 360gr I think, and can be ordered whatever length you want at 42" or less. The price is around $129. Might be an inexpensive way to experiment. I'm not affiliated with the seller in any way. I just saw it on eBay. Has anyone tried one of these?
  12. > @gunmetal said: > If they try and ban it everyone will point to their own research that concluded that not only didn't they forbid the use of armlock but they RECOMMENDED the use to those who were anchoring in the belly or chest. The USGA isn't the brightest organization, but even they know they can't do that. After watching the Masters today, I'm not convinced they banned anchoring the full-length broom-style putters to the chest. Were they anchoring to their chest? I couldn't tell if they were or weren't.
  13. Nance is not the issue. Breed on the streaming app is horrendous.
  14. Bummer, but you must be a heck of a guy to do this to whatever degree.
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