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  1. Appreciate all the feedback. I am hoping that the blade release this time falls more in line with the remainder of the set. I know looks dont impact performance, but it always kinda bothered me that the blade was completely stand alone from the other irons, meaning blending was gonna look funny. If they do a ZX9, similar to the 45 and 65 styles of the past to fit better in the whole lineup, i will be promptly be buying a combo the next day.
  2. Where are you seeing these at 40% off? Seems like an amazing deal.
  3. Was everyone who got the Ventus Hybrid shaft order in on time offered an option on the weight and flex of the fairway shaft when they fixed, or is it just a crap shoot? Saw above there was some communication, but wonder if everyone got the same?
  4. Tried to place an order with a Ventus, but unfortunately they dont allow custom orders to us up here in Canada, only stock configurations. You can fill it all out, but it wont allow you to complete the order. Out of curiosity, if the Ventus Black you ordered was a 9 or 10 TX, what did they do for weights on the fairway shaft?
  5. Sold my set of MP57s to a former boss a number of years ago, then bought the exact set back (unknowingly at the time) from his son last year.
  6. I have recently found myself to be super interested in this set of irons. All of the reviews seem to be super positive, I like the looks, and enjoy the fact that they have minimal offset and traditional lots. I saw a picture the other day however and I believe it was the 4i, 7i and P side by side, and the PW looked to be quite a large overall shape (kind of like the Mizuno PWs of the past). I dont love that look, especially if you go down from there into a smaller style specialty wedge. Can anyone provide some insight or feedback on the size and overall shape of the PW specifically? Possibly some side by sides with a 50 or 52 degree wedge? I appreciate any thoughts.
  7. For me its gotta be the TM 300 mini. A mini driver was never really on my radar, but ended up pulling the trigger and happy I did. Always struggled with 3W and this is filling a nice void in the slot behind my driver. Switched nearly everything out regularly, so thats never a surprise, but the mini driver definitely wasnt expected.
  8. I just recently picked up a new STZ 3W and I am super excited to get it shafted up (have a 85g Hzrdus red 6.5 on the way). Planning to play it at 42.5", so slightly shorter than 3 wood std. Very prone to the big time hooks with the 3 wood in the past, but have heard great things about this one in particular being quite anti-hook. I know its my swing for sure, but I could use all the club help too. That being said, struggling with how I want to set this up originally (OCD on shaft alignment and all). I know standard is going to be the most flat setting, but cranking it lower will open the face more while increasing lie. Which setting is likely to be the most "anti-hook" of the two? I hope set the adapter in that position from the start and leave it that way. Love some feedback as well!
  9. I know for most clubs the playing length is about 1 inch longer than the shaft length (tip of adapter to end of grip), but I just wanted to confirm if this holds true for this 3 wood? Just picked up a new 3 wood head and have a shaft on the way. Wanna play it at 42.5".
  10. We need to know more! I could see myself in the market for a Red assuming that it is similar to the old red vs black ideas (i.e. red is essentially the same stout handle and mid as the black, but with a more active tip to promote some higher launch. Please no CB!
  11. City, State? Calgary, Alberta, CAN Handicap? 7.1 Current hybrid? Not currently gaming one, but have tried many. What is important to you in a hybrid? Adjustability and versatility. Currently gaming a 3 iron/driving iron in this slot in the bag, and its very one dimensional as almost a tee club only, but it tends not to overdraw, giving me confidence. Why do you want to review the Cobra KING Tec Hybrid? I seems like this club could be the answer to deliver on the versatility I desire from my answer above, but the adjustability to help create an anti-hook confidence inspiring club. Also, with my bag set up, this would gap between my 4i and 13.5 degree mini driver, so the promised extra distance could be just the ticket i am looking for.
  12. I think the right answer is a combo of what works for you personally (i.e everyone perfers/hits diff clubs better than others - I prefer irons over hybrids as an example) and giving yourself options. Top end of the bag can be tricky, but if you have a few options its nice to sort of have a game plan for the course you are playing. For me, I regularly play a few courses, and depending on what tees we play, different clubs make more sense. I am generally pretty hard wired on Driver and driving iron, but swap between 13.5 mini driver and regular 3 wood in that slot depending on the course. Longer and wide open I will go regular 3 wood as I may need it off the deck (which i prefer over mini), and can generally hit driver on all par 4s. Shorter and tighter I bring the mini as I am far less likely to have a super long shot off the deck, but like the mini option as an alternative from the tee (more accurate for me than standard 3 wood).
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