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  1. been playing Nike VR Pros for the past two years, after an 8 year layoff. JUST scored some sweet Word not allowed Wilson Staffs. Second set but this time they got the money shafts so they pure. Thanks LUCHO!!
  2. I can bend them to your spec in about 5 minutes if you are serious. I am a club fitter.
  3. First up is a Flightscope Xi Tour in fantastic shape and works like a champ. This is the unit with ALL the club and ball data. Comes complete with outer box and Flightscope bag for the unit. $5795 shipped to continental US. Next up is a set of mint condition ZX7 irons. 4 Iron is a XZX driving iron, the rest of the set is all ZX7. X100 TOUR ISSUE shafts. clubs are 1/4" short, 1* flat lie and 1* strong loft and sport TOUR VELVET chord grips. As you can see from the pics, the clubs have been barely hit. $OLD shipped to continental US. Next is a Srixon ZX7 driver HE
  4. problem solved...for those that care, the little USB dongle in the X3 is a wifi card. It was missing. case closed!
  5. ok kids. Up for sale today are three great deals! 1) Nike Vapor blades (3-pw) with X100 shafts. Std length, lie. These are VERY hard to find in LH. As you can see from the pics, irons are in great shape. $OLD! YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE 2) Taylormade Sim 9 degree driver head (used for one season) $OLD!!! 3) Taylormade Sim 2 Max 10.5 degree driver head (Used for one range session) $OLD I will NOT ship outside the continental US and I am not interested in trades at this time. All prices include shipping and insurance.
  6. yep. SLDR is same sleeve as Sim2. I know because I have them both and move shafts between the two! GLWS
  7. Hoping someone out here can help me out. I just picked up an X3 and it powers on great, all lights act as they should but I cannot see the wifi on any of my devices. I have had several Xi Tours and I also have another X3, so I know I am doing it right. Just trying to figure out if someone knows something I don't before I go through the process of sending it to Flightscope. Thanks for any help of suggestions. All are appreciated!
  8. the Tag has SOOO much promise and is without a doubt one of the best looking watches out there but it missed on so many critical spots for me...battery life is horrendous and sw requires too much manual intervention during the round. The Garmin just works and the battery is insane.
  9. title says it all. Selling my white garmin approach S62. I am original owner, bought it new in August. I am including an extra band and a protective rubber cover for the watch and it will come with original box and charger. Watch is in great condition and with latest update, it tracks sleep in addition to many other functions. No scratches, dings, etc. $OLD shipped to continental US for quick sale.
  10. I had an MLM because I thought it would be easier to travel with than my flightscope but could never get the launch data to read correctly. It always reported launch angles of 20 or higher with my driver. For perspective, I own a Flightscope and for years on my flightscopes, my driver launch angle has been and continues to be firmly rooted around 12 degrees. That made me call into question some of the other data and I did have some issues everytime I used it. Good luck and I hope you get your MLM issues resolved.
  11. call me a Flightscope homer, but I have had two Xi Tours and now have an X3. I chose the X3 over the GC Quad because I use mine almost exclusively outside for range work, clubfitting and dialing in real life shots on the course. For me, it is important to have actual tracked flight data, not calculations. I have used them all and I like the Flightscope software, ease of use and the fact that I can absolutely rely on the data. I know the GC is a common device on tour but I just feel better personally with doppler tracked balls. One last really nice to have on the X3 is the ability to norm
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