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  1. title says it all. I will also include an additional charger. This watch is brand new and has never even been tried on and comes complete with everything, including the club sensors. I got it as a warranty return on my original one and since the re-opening of society, I have returned to wearing my tick tock watches as I do not find that a smart watch is for me. Price is $1,850 from Garmin. My price here is $OLD shipped in the continental US.
  2. This is a very unique set and a very hard set for me to give up (read into that I will entertain reasonable offer but I will not entertain any low ball offers) This set is 4-PW shafted with KBS limited edition black C-Taper S+ 125 shafts and Augusta leather grips (less than 5 rounds on them). They are std length and I bent them 1 degree flat. It is important to note that the 4 iron (as set up) is a VR Pro combo iron. However, included in the sale will be the 3 AND 4 iron VR Pro heads. Please see pics for any clarification. $950 shipped. Callaway Epic Flash 5 wood with Call
  3. I guess you missed my laughing emojis on my original post. There are multiple setups in the pic with both. I thought it was just funny then people all started overthinking my comment.
  4. My ORIGINAL assertion was strictly an anecdotal observation that several people had a GC Quad next to them and a trackman behind them because I thought it was funny. I clearly struck a nerve with you about GC Quads. I am too tired to have this fight. TM, GC and FS are all great products and are all probably within 1-2% of each other with the data they deliver. And for the record, I am a FLIGHTSCOPE guy.
  5. hmmm. so by that logic, Bryson is donating his time to Flightscope??
  6. don't own a trackman and am not a "fanboy". Guarantee some of those guys are paid (or at least getting comp'ed) to use TM and some are to use GC. (think Bryson and Bubba with FS). You would be foolish to think that those companies aren't giving free equipment some PGA tour players. Just like guys who have a Callaway headcover over thier TM driver...bc they are on staff with Callaway and need to present an image. Yes, it happens.
  7. if I were stack ranking, it would bgo EWsxondido, Cordillera, Summit/HSB). never played Boot. Of course, if you are a member at Summit, you get the other three HSB. courses too, which is REALLY hard to beat.
  8. because they are getting paid to have one out and they rely on the other...not sure which is which for each individual, but its all about the public view.
  9. if you look closer, you can see a trackman behind each of them.
  10. I do that all the time with my Flightscope. Once you use the flightscope 2 or 3 times, you know easily how to set it up in seconds.
  11. Also, in the FWIW department, Bobby Haby just left TPC San Antonio to become the Asst Director of Golf at HSB. He runs a world class golf program, so there is that to look forward to if you got the Horseshoe Bay route.
  12. of course, it would not be a forum thread if we did not digress...my biggest problem with Fair Oaks is that it has a tiny range with limited flight range balls. Of course, if you are not a psychopath about golf like I am, that probably won't matter.
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