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    PXG sucks

    I respect what Bob did with the company. Didn't realize that was him. Still irritating (to me) to listen to so I usually change the channel when the commercials come on. I cannot comment either way on the equipment because I have never tried it. People that use it really seem to be happy with it though.
  2. Kgglonghorn

    PXG sucks

    I could never get on board with PXG because I couldn't stand listening to the guy on the commercials that was always yelling his way through them and calling everyone "baby"
  3. the price is awesome! close to $1400 and several week leadtime if someone ordered them from TM at this point. Lets get these puppies sold!
  4. Early Christmas gift!!! Taylormade P-7MB 4-pw with $-Taper stiff stafts. 1 degree flat and 1 degree strong on lofts. Std grips. I hit the 6 iron inside at a fitting and I hit the 7 iron a handful of times on the range but both look brand new. The 4,5,8,9,pw still have plastic on them. Will ship in original box from Taylormade immediately after payment. Ship to US only and I am not interested in trades at this time. $OLD shipped. LETS GO.
  5. just a more player friendly setup. Here is the link to the set at Callaway.com You will also see that this set would cost $1300 plus tax from Callaway. https://www.callawaygolf.com/golf-clubs/iron-sets/irons-2021-apex-sweet-spot-mix-combo.html
  6. Up for grabs today are my Flightscope X3 (I am original owner) and a brand new, unopened (except to take a pic of one iron) Callaway Apex 21 MIX Sweet Spot irons, 4-PW. This set is a combo of the Apex 21 and the Apex DCB irons. Great set for anyone from 5-30 handicap. Std length, loft TT Tour Elevate stiff shafts and Winn grips. These irons would make the PERFECT gift for the golfer on your list. The benefit here is that I can deliver before Christmas. Good luck getting a brand new set in time for Christmas from the OEMs. FS X3 is the big boy that is the FS equivalent of the Trackman 4 but without the subscription fees. This unit gives ALL the club and ball data plus it comes with the E6 simulator sw. I run the SW on my ipad and its great. I think my pics and my reputation out here should say it all. Buy these items with confidence. Sorry, but I am not looking for trades at this time. Flightscope X3 complete with all orginal paperwork, backpack and packaging $10,000 shipped to the US. Callaway Apex 21 brand new, never been hit, never been unboxed ready to ship TODAY $900 shipped to the US. (this set as built is over $1300 shipped to you from Callaway and you could expect to receive them sometime in 2022)
  7. Video killed the radio star and it also killed the aspiring golfer. I play to a 1 and and consider ball striking to be the best part of my game. EVERY TIME I watch video of myself, I try to make changes that lead to the dreaded S word. What has held me back? Poor course management and I putt for $hit. I am "lucky enough" to be a member at a place with no short game facility and a marginal practice green. Unfortunately, with a family that does not golf, this is the best I can get ATM.
  8. As I mentioned, everything is negotiable. If anyone is interested the head only or shaft only, I will be open to offers.
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