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  1. Yep. It is beautiful but for that price, it needs to work like a Garmin and have a battery that can make it through one round of golf and a full day. It does neither. My Garmin is 10x the watch. Pretty is as pretty does.
  2. in classic WRX classifieds fashion, two people have said they will buy it and then never paid. My point is this will sell quickly, so if you want it, don't hesitate! I ship VERY quickly. This will ship immediately upon payment. X3 is here, so this one has to go.
  3. It does not normalize for the ball. It does allow you to input the ball you are hitting but does not make adjustments. I am going to have to research how trackman would even do that.
  4. Ok. Up for grabs is my beloved Flightscope Xi Tour. Device works like a champ and as you all know, this is the big boy with all the data points on ball and club!! Battery outlasts my iPad and I have babied this, using it mostly on my court and occasionally at the range or on the course. If you have bought from me before, you know I take REALLY good care of my stuff. Why am I selling? Well Santa came early to my house and delivered a brand new X3. I guess my wife really does love me. Priced at $OLD shipped for quick sale. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. Also, I will only ship within the conti
  5. Of course the did. They have his clubs. The P7-TW is a Nike VR Pro knock off. Wish TM would make their blades in lefty!!!!!
  6. DUDE. Wish I still lived in New England. I would have already bought it.
  7. Did we ever decide that the TM driver has the Velocure version of the Ventus shaft?
  8. you have officially inspired me! Just walked my garage to see how I can make your setup work!
  9. it is available and I think it is 45". I will be able to measure it in about 30 minutes
  10. totally grinds on you...I hate ePay. gotta mark stuff up sky high to cover their extortion fees and taxes so I guess we deal with it.
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