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  1. Yep, forgot about the fairway bunkers. Glad you enjoyed it. Overall great experience. Hopefully the fairway bunkers get cleaned up soon.
  2. Just don't tell too many people...it is a rarity to be able to go somewhere and get that type of facility AND play in under 3 hours Enjoy it and post your thoughts afterwards!
  3. Lakecliff in Spicewood. Way better than Vaaler. bent grass greens, fantastic practice facility and wonderful layout. Not terribly long, but it is an AP track and is worth the experience for sure. The greens are always in great shape and with the rain we have been getting, the fairways will be in really good shape too. (not that they were not but rain only makes it better)
  4. watch battery held up well today. took it off the charger at 8:00 am and tee'd off at 10:36. I used the watch based GPS, which eats into the battery. Battery currently stands at 45%. Not bad. I reviewed the golf tracking and it is ok. I did forget to input my shots from time to time. That is a PITA. Jury still out. Garmin funtionality is fantastic but this watch is just so nice...
  5. didn't intend for this to become a "live blog" but I did realize I had the "always on" setting checked for the watch face so I am sure that was killing the battery. Heading out shortly with a full charge, an open mind and the face no longer "always on." I will share my thoughts upon return.
  6. Tag is $2500 and you have to order it from Tag. Many Tag retailers carry the other connected Tag watches but none carry the golf watch.
  7. I can tell you first hand the Tag battery is only lasting a day...maybe sneaks into the next morning but definitely not getting two full days out of it. Also, once it hit 15% battery life, I was actually playing golf and it quit tracking. I will take a look at the MARQ.
  8. When I was gaming Mav SZ, I bought a weight set and had a lot of fun experimenting with different weight configs. I ultimately settled on 12 up front and 2 in back, but yes, stock is 14 and 2.
  9. only way to do it is by staying...BUT they often do stay and play packages that are actually cheaper for the room and two rounds of golf then just the golf would typically cost. They currently have an offer for $258 for one night and two rounds of golf. Normal green fees are around $140, so cheaper with the room if you can plan for it.
  10. VR Pro Blade continues to get knocked off to this day...go look at Tiger's P7TW irons...same down to the tungsten insert
  11. once again, the lefties get left out. SMH
  12. Anyone tried this out yet? Please hold the price comments, Yes, it is expensive. I use a Garmin S62, which I have been happy with but I am a watch geek at heart, so I had to try this out. It is really sleek but I feel like the entire golf experience on it is completely manual. Anyone have better luck with it and know something I don't? If it is truly a manual effort to track my golf, Tag will be getting their watch back from me. As an example, with my S62, I do not need to enter anything throughout my round and at the end, it knows what I shot and where I hit my shots from. I was hopin
  13. Roger that! GLWS. For anyone thinking about buying this driver, I will you that I love it.
  14. Not trying to offend, but before you sell it, you should try a good OEM shaft. It can make all the difference. The driver is soooo good.
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