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  1. Well I was faster with the 70X in an M5 than I was with a 60 in the Sim soooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. What did you say, I tried and they said they wouldn't do it.
  3. I was originally spec'd for a MCA Tensei CK White 60 X driver shaft a few years ago, but when I tried to order it, TaylorMade only carried the 70 X, so I have played the last two years with the 70 X (which is about 80 grams in the driver) in both my driver and 3 wood. Now TaylorMade carries the 60 X. Does anyone know if their customer service would be willing to make a swap?
  4. Wondering if anyone has gotten a rainbow or blue chameleon finish from NorCal Putters? I have a nearly 20 year old Cameron that was redone several years ago by BOS in an aquamarine finish. It's time for a refresh. Is the durability as advertised and worth the extra $70 dollars or so? Don't take this as me having a bad experience with BOS, quite the opposite, just looking for something different and perhaps with less care required.
  5. I have a 18 degree fli-hi and a 19 degree M1 hybrid (essentially my five wood) and I carry the hybrid a good 10 yards further and can hit it much higher in the air. I hardly ever use it for tee shots, which is where the driving iron comes in.
  6. I got a set of Vokey SM7 wedges a few weeks ago and I ordered them through my pro shop in the RAW finish. I've played a few times and they haven't rusted yet. I don't really know how to tell the different between the Raw and the Tour Chrome.
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