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  1. I have been playing Harpeth Hills this past week. Great course and love the pace on the greens. I’m gonna be playing in the Amateur Championship at the end of the month. If anyone has solid course knowledge at HH and would like to play a round lemme know.
  2. Glad to see Kevin qualify! I was lucky enough to get fitted by him and spoke with him about the upcoming push for the Senior Tour. Looking forward to seeing him go low and wish we were able to get a round in before I moved.
  3. Really excited to see how TP plays this week! JT bringing home his 2nd major this weekend and Higgo continuing his strong play with a T25.
  4. Since, I live in Brentwood would it make sense travel time to look at courses south of the city? Murfreesboro area seems to have some clubs that have decent offerings.
  5. Great input from all! The main reason I am put off by joining a long waitlist is due to my wife's job. She is doing a fellowship and in 3 years we may be moving again. So joining an extensive waitlist doesn't make much sense. @daleste11 let's play a couple of rounds together when I finish my move at the end of the month. Going to test the drive from Brentwood to Gaylord/Hermitage. If those are doable then I will prolly do their annual pass.
  6. Thank you for the influx of information and helpful advice! I would definitely be down to play some @daleste11. My biggest concern with joining a waitlist club is the strong likelihood that I may be moving in 3-4 years. So, waiting 6-15 months to formally join a club may present some problems. For now I think Gaylord is my best bet but I will see how traffic is from Brentwood. If it intolerable I might be SOL for the time being.
  7. Thank you for both responses. All the clubs that I have checked in with have long wait lists. I think what I am going to do is buy the Gaylord annual pass and play as much as possible. What is the toughest public course in the area? I looked at Legends since my wife is doing her fellowship at Vanderbilt we get a small reduction. Also, I am not sure any of you have played Kiva Dunes GC in Gulf Shores, AL, but that is my home course. Here is me hitting a 1 iron during Hurricane Sally.
  8. My wife and I are moving from Baltimore, MD to Brentwood, TN late May 2021. Due to my schedule in Baltimore I was unable to join a club and find a solid group to play consistently with. I would like to do that in Nashville, but most clubs have long waitlists. Any recommendation on the metro pass, clubs to join, or leagues to play in. I have never really held a handicap but I am consistently shooting in the mid 70's. Any advice or recommendations is greatly appreciated.
  9. My buddies dad had it in an older set of Callaway X-16 Pro irons. I was surprised that I was able to get it off the tee box.
  10. I mentioned sometime ago that I hit a 1 iron during a hurricane. Here is a link of said shot. Also, played Bulle Rock yesterday and still find it to be a fantastic course.
  11. Last week was not what I had planned. I arrived in Alabama on Sunday and immediately played 9 before sunset. Course was in fantastic condition and the greens were rolling pure. Carded a 38 and was really happy considering I wasn’t using my own clubs. I wish the week could have continued on as I intended however Hurricane Sally had other ideas. I was able to play 18 on Monday but after that golf was no more. I stayed out on the peninsula for the landfall of the Hurricane early Wednesday morning. It was moving extremely slow and we experienced sustained winds of 100+ MPH for a couple
  12. I am flying home to Alabama on Sunday. I will be playing most of the time while there. The link below was the course I grew up playing and can't wait to play again. It has some really tough par 3's from the tips. Personally I would take a long iron and play for my miss being in the bunker. Hope everyone is hitting them solid! Finally uploaded a tee shot of mine. I hadn't been to the barber but the swing was decent. Still working on staying down through the shot and maintaining my power. https://www.kivadunes.com/golf/
  13. I’m not sure if this was mentioned but I highly recommend the Robert Trent Jones golf trail in Alabama. The courses are top notch!
  14. I played Mountain Branch today and enjoyed the course. They had aerated the greens/fairways on Monday but the course was in decent condition. I had to stop on #18 from the fairway at +6 from the Black tees. The afternoon storm rolled through and cleared the course. I shot 40 on the front nine with 21 putts. I think I may need City to help me with putting a little bit....
  15. Depending on what these tropical storms do in the Gulf of Mexico the courses might be in for a wet weekend. I will look up Erick Brock and see if he has any opening for the upcoming weeks. I appreciate the response!
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