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  1. Krt22 Correlation is not causation. The most important fact about mechanics in this thread was in the video above, maybe you haven’t watched it? The amateur player had an idea to do a certain thing. That’s causative in golf. That’s important. Whether you agree or not to anyone’s ideas about mechanics it’s only style anyways very little is fundamental. It’s all a matter of taste. Golf history proves this. Almost any style can do well. It’s when the style is falsely correlated to skill and talent that problems come. You can’t escape the simple fact that what the club does determines every
  2. And this the inherent issue with all of your silly off tangent rants. This is Golfwrx, where your average member isn't just a recreational golfer. Not just your average weekend hacker happy to be away from the wife while shooting 100+ with liberal application of the rules of golf. The average member (esp in this subforum) is a hobbyist, ethusiast, or straight up fanatic of not just golf but the golf swing itself. So please start your own threads on the hollistic approach to golf. Your off topic posts only pollute threads like this that are full of substance and information that can actuall
  3. Iteach, It is not just do what is natural according to Ernest Jones, no. The club must be moved in a specific manner. It must be swung, not levered. Most people I see early extending apply leverage right from the top. Incorrect sequencing if you will. Upper body dominated movement in transition often is caused by the players failure to recognize or even be aware of the simple fact that the club must be swung, not levered. There’s not many real rules about it. People are not machines nor should they try to become machines. SHAKA
  4. For rec players these ideas are poison. The swing should not put you in uncomfortable unnatural positions. You don’t need to emulate a pro to play to scratch. Stay uncomplicated. SHAKA
  5. My advice is seek out someone who knows what they are doing, because if your pro did there would be no need for this thread. Information is not what you need. I am simply pointing this out as my own opinion. My take is after you suffer on long enough you will either learn or give up, but you are making things way harder than they need right now. It’s not a complicated thing to learn a good way to setup and apply a swing motion from that point. Call it tough love on my end, because I wish you the best.
  6. Well, either the op is sincere or not. Either way my comment is the same. Obees friends club quite clearly swings. The ops is borderline on driver. Maybe on course the trust is not there...maybe it’s because he’s not sure yet what he’s doing...Maybe it’s not really swinging. Ernest Jones book swinging into golf defines the difference.
  8. Don’t take this the wrong way but you have no idea how to build a swing and you need to get help from someone that knows what they are doing.
  9. Uh oh, the threads first Hogan sighting...were really in the weeds... I’ve enjoyed the thread. I hope you all continue to do so as well. I’m out. SHAKA
  10. FortWorthPro, Just trying to lighten the mood with happy beginners and dogs... To be clear...I’ve not come out and said gravity is powering the swing. But, to play devils advocate, his arms are attached to his body right? His bodies center of gravity lowers right at transition as the knees flex etc. Not saying gravity is the only force in play there, but it’s in play big time. So, really it’s pressure in right leg at top then as the knee flexes a bit and the pressure is beginning to shift towards fifty fifty with both knees flexed, that’s when gravity is involved big time. So
  11. Krt I’m not here to play swing gotcha. I’m just tired of people writing off concepts via poor logic and lack of understanding. Why were pendulums used for timekeeping? Hell I am no physicist. I’m not pretending to be one but I know this There’s so many effective instructors like Ron Sisson or even Shoemaker or MDLT or Clement etc The objections to them tend to come from the biomechanistic physics intense people who misrepresent the truths these teachers allude to and proceed immediately to giving tons of interesting information. Neither side is imo wrong. The question is which ones are more
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