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  1. Thank you for keeping us updated! Hope it looks killer!
  2. So this one hasn't left my office haha I loaded it up once and I absolutely LOVE the bag and the look. The materials feels like it'd be very easy to keep clean. It just might be a touch big for me with the size of the ball pocket and everything so I've been debating on selling it or using it haha I'm not sure which pocket on most bags you would call the tee pocket but there are 2 padded, detachable zipper valuables pouches in 2 different places inside the bag as well as some inner storage compartments inside the big side pocket as well (not ones that would hold tees but could help organize some other items in there). The magnetic pocket is huge as well and probably where I would personally store tees, used balls, and my rangefinder. The ball pocket is huge...you could easily fit a couple dozen balls in there if you really wanted to. There's also two drink holders that zip up and expand so that could always be repurposed for other stuff if you'd like as well. No shortage of storage in it for sure. If I could get a regular hoofer in these materials and look I'd be super stoked
  3. I agree with you on the odd look with the Hoofer shape vs the lite. I wish they added the magnetic pocket to the Hoofer Lite and it’d be a winner for sure
  4. Yeah that’s the only color. It looks really badass in person. It’s a white carbon look to it
  5. I'd snag one too. Just wish the Lite had the magnetic pocket. Would love the white carbon fiber look that the tour has also
  6. If I could combine the look and materials of the Hoofer Tour with the size of the regular Hoofer that’d be the ultimate for me
  7. I snagged one from the Ping site when they were released. It’s such an incredible looking bag but I haven’t carried it yet bc it is a bit big. I’m not going to put enough stuff in it to ever justify needing the ball pocket to be as massive as it is. I’d love it if the ball pocket was half the shoe or a bag with these materials and look in the regular hoofer size I did load my clubs in it and look at it forever in my house and try it a bit. The ball pocket sticks up so high it can be an arm rest when the bag is on your back. I also found it to get in way a bit when putting the strap on your left arm/shoulder It does look so good though I’m tempted to go ahead and carry it for a bit and see if I get over those things
  8. Thank you! Its definitely sweet! If I was being super super picky with it I'd make the ball pocket a little smaller and add a cart strap pass through and it'd be perfect. No better looking bag out there for sure IMO
  9. Yeah it really is! I can’t get over how awesome it really does look! Let me know if you decide you need it Replied
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