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  1. Orlando, Florida 15 Bettinardi BB1 Left Handed 1 at 34inches I agree to be part of the member review thread. Thank you for the opportunity
  2. My first and only hole in one came on my birthday in 2016. I drove up to visit my mom who had recently moved to The Villages in Florida. I decided to go out and play 9 holes and got paired with a group of 3 older gentlemen. 136 yard par 3. Hit a pitching wedge a little on the thin side and thought I flew the green. I bent down to pick up my tee in disgust and didn’t follow the ball. I looked to the green to see the group in front of us jumping around. I thought for sure that I almost hit one of them. As I drive up to the green I see the group ahead standing on the fringe all pointing at the h
  3. Current Handicap: 15 Orlando, Florida Use the golf now app I play 3-6 times a month Willing to take pictures and write a review
  4. I would like to win a left handed z785 driver. 9.5 loft. Shaft Hzrdus Black 6.5. Golf pride MCC Thank you
  5. Today I shot a 37 on the front. Left an eagle put 2 inches short or I would have shot even on the front. And 44 on the back.
  6. Rock bottom has certain balls on sale for 2 for 1. Just thought I would share for those who haven’t seen the link. https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/search.php?search_query=2forballs
  7. Thank you both for your suggestions. I’m going to see if my local golf galaxy has the sam put lab.
  8. Has anyone ever gotten a putter fitting done at the PGA Tour Superstore? I see online they list that they do putter fittings. Is the putter fitting worth it? Or should I try someplace else? I’m in the Orlando area. Any help would be appreciate. Thanks
  9. I tried doing the survey but apparently my answers disqualified me.
  10. Early this summer I went to visit my mom in the villages and went out to play a couple of rounds. The bottom of the pin was hidden behind a bunker. I heard the ball hit the flag but thought it ricocheted off a good distance. I was pleasantly surprised. I was playing by myself so the only witness was the guy walking his dog off of the course
  11. I ordered a couple dozen of the NXT Tours and am currently waiting for them to get off of being back ordered.
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