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  1. any clue if they will make these in a lefty?
  2. Hello, Getting a error when send a PM, any one else having issues ?
  3. Hello guys, I recently went through an iron fitting or a semi fitting, really just wanted to determine what my club length should be. I am about 5'7" with wrist to floor around 33". After hitting shots with several different lengths the fitter determined 4 Iron = 38 5 Iron = 37.5 6 Iron = 37 7 Iron = 36.5 8 Iron = 36 9 Iron = 35.5 PW = 35 I only hit the 6 iron so the rest was just stepped down or up half inch. The 6 Iron at 37" felt good it was shorter than i was currently playing and i was making good center contact. After looking at the current iron lengths and remembering how they fe
  4. Measuring the shaft end to end, but from the link you sent i am measuring wrong distance. Thanks
  5. Hello all, I am playing Srixon Z565s. Just wondering from what point to what other point is the measurement took to derive at the stock length listed in the specs. Reason being i am wanting to shorten the shafts. after pulling some of them last night i discovered than none of what i pulled match the length listed on the website. just for instance a stock 9 iron length is listed at 36" after pulling i measured 35.4375 with out grip. 7 iron is listed at 37" i measured 36.5 without grip. Anyone have any advise or input ? Thanks
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