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  1. Specifically the the AD HD. I want to take an inch of the tip of my driver shaft.
  2. Have the same effect as a RH “Tour” adapter? Lowering the loft by 2 degrees?
  3. Anyone have any address pics of the new edel wedges? Maybe some outdoor views of the grinds? You really can’t tell much from the pics on their website.
  4. So I just saw on their website that they are offering what they call an “LD” version of their new releases. LD stands for long drive and they come standard at 47 in. They also come with an adapter that lets you go down in loft 2 degrees instead of the normal 1, which is exactly what I was looking for. My problem with that, however, is that they are only offering a certain number of shafts to go with said model. Not their full available lineup they offer with the regular drivers. Can you get those adapters anywhere else? Also, I was so looking forward to the TD model release but seeing as how they are only going to release 600 of them, looks like I’m SooL. I’m not very lucky with things like that. Callaway sure makes it hard to get what you want sometimes. I have a maverick sub zero 15 degree 3 wood with a GD Tp 8x now that I hit so well, I wanted a driver that pairs with it.
  5. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll keep a look out and keep checking Callaways website for any updates on outdoor fittings. The panhandle is not too far away at all (I once flew to Arizona for a putter fitting, though that was before I was married). Besides, nothing like a quiet little 4 hour drive down I-10.
  6. Got a chance to hit the LS today; not outside, but on an indoor trackman. Out of all the drivers to release this year I was looking forward to this one the most. I like Callaway and this driver seemed to check off all the things I would be looking for in a club. After about an hour and half, (and about a dozen shafts) I just couldn’t help but be disappointed. It was slow, spinny, and very left bias. I was lucky to get in the mid 160s ball speed (most were high 150s, low 160s) and when I did, it was just launching too high and then just falling straight down. Hit both the 10.5 and the 9 in all sorts of different configurations and everything just felt slow. Thought I could be having a bad day and got my tsi3 (8 deg, c1, tour ad iz 7tx) out about halfway through the session and was back to hitting mid 170 ball speeds and 300 plus carry without the huge misses left. Went back to the LS and nothing but duds. I’m not giving up on it yet though. I like the way it sets and sounds and would like to get it outdoors with a guy who really knows Callaway stuff. I would like to play around with the head weight and maybe ask if any lower lofts are possible with different adapters. They have no outdoor fittings scheduled in my area (north Florida) as of yet so I’ll keep an eye out.
  7. A Callaway fitting? I can’t seem to find one in my area (ponte vedra) and there’s usually a dozen around me this time of year. I hope they don’t push the fittings in my area till March, that’ll be a real bummer.
  8. The whole debate as to taylormades tipping policy seems to be finally coming to an end. I was was told the same thing by a TM fitter last September that they only tip the custom shafts, not the standard ones.
  9. TGW has the names of pings new putters listed on their website under the “putters, ping, new” section. No pictures as of yet but it’s probably just a matter of days. Looks like one of the new models is called Hardwood, and a couple reboots of some older models.
  10. Thanks for the info guys. Might have to just bite the bullet and pay for an up charge. I hit the fuji pro spec good in a taylormade I had so ill probably just go with that one again. As to pricing: Anyone know why sites like tgw have custom shafts marked cheaper than callaway sells them directly? Does tgw install them themselves?
  11. What is the stiffest non-upcharge shaft that callaway offers in their wood lineup? I got a chance to Hit the aldila rogue 70 and the tip was too active for my taste. Maybe the hzrdus yellow?
  12. There might be a video on a popular video site that has pictures and specs of all of the new 425 drivers and it might be in Chinese. I can’t confirm that though.
  13. Thanks for the info rox. I was hoping to keep the stated loft but open the face as it seems too shut at address. I’m ok with adjusting the loft a little bit but it’s the upright lie angle that I hate. More experimenting definitely needed.
  14. If I were to put a left handed adapter on a right handed Cobra wood set to standard, would the club face set open at address?
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