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  1. You clearly do not understand carbon steel. The dings exposed the raw carbon steel which will lead to rust no matter what you do.
  2. I think the ping anser milled 6 is actually closer to the original anser 4.
  3. For sure the .370 will not fit the x 5.5.
  4. Neither its a .395 size but also .390 stability shaft fits.
  5. I think Cameron tringale uses one too.
  6. It's. 395, the .390 stability shaft fits too. I currently have a stability tour on my 5.5.
  7. Honestly u500s can be bought for pretty cheap now. Especially the u500 2 iron because it goes too far "they can't hit them".
  8. Not to mention if someone pulled the previous adapter and if they actually knew what they were doing.
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