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  1. Honestly u500s can be bought for pretty cheap now. Especially the u500 2 iron because it goes too far "they can't hit them".
  2. Not to mention if someone pulled the previous adapter and if they actually knew what they were doing.
  3. Just have it installed with someone who knows what they are doing. Most of the shafts put in the u500 (.355 tip) are hybrid shafts (.370).
  4. I think the main thing is your mp58 3 iron is 21 degrees of loft and 38.75" compared to 18 degrees of loft and 40" of the srixon zx utility.
  5. You won't be able to put on a kbs ct tour due to the tip size. I will be putting on a .390 stability tour once my epoxy comes in the mail today. Someone else earlier on this forum put on a .395 black shaft they purchased from eBay.
  6. Not sure how accurate my scale is but here is the head with 10 gram weights.
  7. How did you remove?
  8. I was letting the op know since he was talking about measurements he made. Next time I will be sure to quote him.
  9. The measurements from the ring to tip means the tip of the raw shaft not with the adapter on.
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