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  1. U500 2 iron is 17 degrees. Pretty sure you could bend a degree or two also.
  2. I would possibly look at the 21, the 19 might be way longer (distance) than your 7 wood.
  3. I would double check with Callaway because the person I buy from their rep stated they trim the 17* and 19* 1.75" and the 21* is being trimmed 2". For comparison he even added the Epic Speed fairway trimming 0.5" for 3+, 3, and 4; 1" for 5; and 1.5" for 7.
  4. Thanks for trying. Its a security t20 I think.
  5. Does anyone happen to know the weight of the removable weight in the 300 mini?
  6. Just received my 17*, 1 flat/strong with a linq purple. I also ordered it 1 inch over and for some reason they still put in the 7 gram weight. Swingweighted out at d7.5.
  7. Here you go one more.
  8. Apex uw 19* and diablo octane tour 15*.
  9. As far as I know it is only from PGA Superstore online. I ordered from Roger Dunn but did not ask about the trono though. Not sure if anyone has tried in store at PGA yet.
  10. You can order the 17* at 16*, not 15 but closer then 17.
  11. One of the Callaway reps I contacted said they tip 1.75" for the 17* and 19* and 2" for the 21*.
  12. what grip and shaft?
  13. I didn't order from PGA superstore. I ordered from Roger dunn and they were able to do it when they spoke with their callaway rep.
  14. Just an FYI as everyone is ordering off PGA superstore, and don't think they have the option, but you can order plus or minus one degree loft or lie. I ordered the 17 at 16 to hopefully replace my 3 wood.
  15. Rocco mediate just posted on his Instagram he is using the 19 degree and he put in a ventus blue 9x hybrid shaft. I don't know anymore lol.
  16. I am almost positive it is a wood shaft. Mine is coming in the mail today and I will measure the tip when I receive it.
  17. Looking at all of the shaft offerings on their site it has to be .335.
  18. Honestly feel is subjective but not a huge difference in feel. I use to putt with longer counter balanced (38-39") putters and you could definitely feel a difference of the shaft being more stiff. Now I putt at around 34" and can't tell as much of a difference. All of my putters I use though do have the stability tour.
  19. Well it wasn't bad but with such a heavy head, I feel like with the longer steel shaft the club just felt to loose. The only thing that helps and helps a lot is using a stability shaft in longer lengths. I did not use a stability in the maltby but it started me on using longer CB putters with stability shafts.
  20. You clearly do not understand carbon steel. The dings exposed the raw carbon steel which will lead to rust no matter what you do.
  21. I think the ping anser milled 6 is actually closer to the original anser 4.
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