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  1. It would be approximately 44” playing length the best I can surmise. The original post didn’t post this photo.
  2. All prices include USPS Priority shipping to continental US. 1. Mavrik 9 degree driver in fair condition with Aldila Rogue 130MSI 60S shaft. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align grip. OEM headcover in great condition. SOLD 2. Ping G410+ 9 degree driver with Accra FX 2.0 250 M4 shaft at 45" playing length. This has been well loved for 2 years, a few marks on the bottom of the driver. Golf Pride MCC Teams grip, black and gold. SOLD 3. Separate Accra FX2.0 250 M4 driver shaft cut to 42.75" from end of grip to end of G410+ adapter. This has the black/white/red GP Align grip.
  3. @farris207 Definitely check out Dallas Golf in Richardson. Austin is great. They have a pretty wide selection of shafts, and prices are some of the best I’ve seen. I’m going there Friday for my own driver fitting! Last year I got hybrid and 3w fitting there and I’m super happy with them.
  4. Dean has vaguely mentioned new product development, but covid made the R&D take a back seat, if I remember correctly. As he would say...let it develop.
  5. I think you might have something there. I flirted with the Jaws 54S for a bit. I really enjoyed chipping with it. But full shot should have been around 110. I couldn’t get it to go past 90, even flighted down. Maybe it was the shaft. Who knows. That experiment ended quickly.
  6. Dang I wish I would have read this a week ago. I recently ordered 54SS and 58Eye2. I know I like 54 in the SS, but now I’m question the 58Eye2. My rationale was wanting to have versatility and options to pick from, specifically when it comes to hardpan bunkers in DFW. Most of what I’m reading sounds like the 58SS might be “good enough” for tight lies, as well as having a bit more insurance against digging, which I have done once or twice in my life.
  7. I haven’t played TP5, but I do really like the BXS. I get along with it swimmingly. I have to say my top balls in rotation right now are TP5x, MTB-X, and BXS.
  8. I'm also set up for failure. I ordered Glide 3.0 wedges last week. As of right now my estimated "loser" date will be a few days after 2/19. Callaway Mavrik 9* - Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 60 TM SIM Ti 3W - PX Hzrdus Smoke 6.0 70 Titleist TS2 19* 3H - PX Hzrdus Smoke 6.0 80 Titleist T300 4i & 5i - TT DG AMT Black S300 Titleist T200 6i - 48*W - TT DG AMT Black S300 Vokey SM8 52F08 & 58D12 - TT DG S200 Odyssey Triple Track Stroke Lab Ten S
  9. Definitely do the fittings at CC. My experience has been that they dive a bit deeper into the data than the big box stores do. Unless you specifically paid for a fitting at GG, PGATSS, etc. Then see what prices they give you at CC. If you’re comfortable with it, go ahead and purchase. Or take the data and assemble your bag piece by piece with lower prices elsewhere. The fitting itself is something I enjoy from time to time, just so that I can learn. For example, I always assumed my driver swing speed was topping out around 100. Well I reviewed this at my last fitting (it
  10. I’m on the other side of the fence from the OP. I’ve had nothing but great experience with my arccos for over a year. Sensors paired easily and within a couple minutes with an iPhone Xs. On course experience has also been pretty seamless. I don’t mind keeping my phone in my pocket, so that’s not a huge sticking point for me. Yes, it requires the occasional edit like adding a penalty stroke or adding a shot. It seems reasonably intuitive to do that. Setting the flag location - you can easily do it by clicking on the “green” to bring a zoomed view, then just click t
  11. Got my order confirmation email today for the two custom Glide 3.0 wedges. As of right now, estimated to ship 2/19. Fingers crossed it’ll be sooner!
  12. I called in my order of two Glide 3.0 wedges today with Discount Dan’s. I custom spec’d the build so it’s nothing that would be in stock. They’ll place the order with Ping tomorrow (12/29) when they open back up after the holidays. They quoted me 12 weeks last week. I should find out soon what a realistic lead time looks like and I’ll report back.
  13. Please update us when you get your K grind! My situation is very similar and I’m looking for my lucky charm Sand/Lob wedge.
  14. I know the OP mentioned not getting along with SIM 3w, but I learned a piece of somewhat counter intuitive information last week from my fitter. I LOVE the SIM Ti 3w. Launches so easy for me. I had always been fit into mid launch, mid spin driver shafts, and assumed it’d be the same for a fairway wood. He said it may not always work that way. For faster swingers, low launch /spin shafts sometimes work better because they can actually stand up to the stronger swing. A mid/mid May be too weak and at impact it may not be able to come out of loading. The result being that the club face i
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