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  1. So I’ve been gaming Apex TCB with project x 6.5 (ironically Rahm’s build) and I just put an order into TMG P750 with modus 130x (Sergio’s build, unintentionally ). Gotta love golf as my swing does not have any shade of their action. SO excited. Can’t wait for it to check 99/100 boxes so I can search for the next thing on another thread Thanks so much for the help
  2. Not yet. I was turned off big time by the Modus 125 and Modus 120, but I should give it a bid.
  3. I appreciate everyone’s feedback. Honestly might have to hijack my own subject title here…anyone have a recommendation for a low-mid launch and low spin shaft…not named C taper, x100 or PX? X100 is a perfect match on paper but can’t stand the shaft. Another day in paradise.
  4. Thanks @collje26 are you still gaming the 120x’s? Would love to know how you’re enjoying them. Tbh I love the spin of the PX but would like to get the launch down a shade.
  5. @HateTheHighDraw thanks. Definitely trying to part from the PX feel while keeping similar launch spin. Sounds like this would be a good option.
  6. @Golf4lifer thanks. Do you feel that the 3 shafts shared similar launch/spin characteristics?
  7. Returning after my late March Review of these - they turned out to be too soft. Loved the patented Modus Feel, but these spun way too much and went way too left after regaining the swing after the long winter. Ended up going back to C Taper S then to PX 6.5. Hopefully trying the Tour V TS 125 S+ soon. The chase continues…
  8. Anyone have experience testing these head to head? I currently game the PX 6.5. Entertained the Tour V 120x but was just a couple grams too light. From what I’ve read, the TS 125 S+ could be the ticket. Obviously fitting is the easiest answer, but they’re tough to demo/we all know speculation is fun. Thanks to all.
  9. I’m a new member but have used these forums for about 20 years. I come from C Taper S. Just recently purchased 21 Apex MB with the modus 125 X after research from every thread you could think of. WOW are these things good. Launch slightly higher than C taper, perhaps a tad more spin. And SMOOTH. If you’ve been on the fence regarding ordering these, do it. I’m writing this post because one week ago, I needed to hear it. Cheers everyone.
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