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  1. Anyone out there play or have played a Gideon milled putter? I bought this on FB Marketplace for really cheap over the weekend. Had never heard of them, but quick internet searching found they are made in Lima, OH which I live in OH less than 2 hours away. I emailed the company and the owner actually responded telling me the following about it: "it's a classic round bottom (as opposed to a tri sole) center shaft with welded spud, 303 Stainless, bead blast finish". Pictures - https://imgur.com/a/O83Xf41
  2. Do you have an older set of iron heads laying around that you're no longer using? I'm your guy! PM me what you have and asking price.
  3. Looking for a Shaft Tip/Hosel Gauge tool - something like this from Mitchell Golf: https://www.mitchellgolf.com/shop/repair-tools/scales/steelclub-shaft-tip-hosel-gauge-335-350-355-370/
  4. Not sure about you, but I have a few smaller 6 foot putting greens in my basement to practice putting after hours. I always wondered about stance height when practicing putting shoe-less vs playing a real round putting with shoes. Thus, I cut up an older pair and made some slip on cleats. I keep them down by my putting greens so when I practice, I can just slip them on be at the same "game" height putting. Always looking for that extra edge!
  5. Very nice looking Edel! I had an E-1 for a bit and really liked the way it looked.
  6. Local driving range. If you're a regular, you will see some of the same people there regularly who are practicing with intent to improve. Watch them hit and you can gauge their skill level, assuming you'd want to play with someone of like skill. Then just introduce yourself one day. I've met a few cool golfers/friends that way and have gone on to play with in rounds, scrambles, tournaments, 2-ball scrambles, etc.
  7. SS 105-110 and earlier this year switched from Ping G400 Max 9* to a SIM 10.5* (not max). Originally re-tipped my Ping Accra shaft, but started missing with a fade which I rarely ever do as I normally play a slight draw. Last month or so, I replaced it with a Hzrdus Yellow 6.0 63g stiff off eBay tipped with grip for $110. Now I'm driving it farther and straighter than ever (Arccos average 266yrds), increased over 10 yards. I use Arccos sensors every round and Skytrak at home, so I am definitely a data/numbers guy.
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