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  1. I have two Ogio Silencer stand bags now, same one as I originally posted and a black/orange one. Still love them!
  2. Is it a mid mallet or blade? I can't tell from the pictures
  3. Sorry no first generation is what I was referring to changing batteries. Little larger and I still have them, though I have a couple sets of gen 2 sensors now as well.
  4. Screw in sensors all the way as others have pointed out. Can also change the batteries on the screw in sensors, so it prolongs the life of them. I've had my set for between 2-3 seasons now and love them.
  5. Great question, I'll have to do some research. My understand was this putter came out around 2006-2007 as a demo for tour reps/players. They were given out at SCADO (Scotty Cameron Appreciate Day events to lucky guests I believe.
  6. Just picked this up last week, my first Circle T
  7. I use the Net Return home with impact screen in my garage build. Very happy with how it's worked out. Have torn the screen a couple times now over the past year of usage but had it sewn by a local boat fabric repair company to avoid buying a new mat. Make sure to rotate golf balls frequently. Initially I was using the same ball for 5-6 rounds at least and warm-ups, so it can get slightly chewed up on the cover which likely caused the ripping in the screen.
  8. I got the Fiberbuilt 5x4 delivered from Amazon for $460 shipped on cyber monday. May want to check around for pricing? Maybe prices have gone up due to recent demand? Personally I would highly recommend Fiberbuilt mats as very happy with mine and it doesn't cause me any pain/issues.
  9. They were/are definitely great bags! I was told they would come back in 2021, but can't find anyone to confirm that rumour.
  10. I would 100% agree with that. Seems like they could use some help.
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