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  1. My dad still hits that driver believe it or not. Has the most God awful sound but is a fairway finder!
  2. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Much appreciated for taking the time and giving me your thoughts. May have to try one out.
  3. Is the putter still available? Does it come with a headcover?
  4. very cool. I have a club champion about an hour away I may have to see if they have the pxg putter line there.
  5. I have a little bit of arc in my stroke do you see an issue with that or should I go plumbers neck? I do think it looks good in the double bend
  6. yeah I hate buying one without trying them out in person. They just look awesome and have me super intrigued.
  7. I am looking at the Blackjack, The Lucky D, the Mini Gunboat, and maybe the bat attack or the one and done. Basically the mallets and mid mallets. I am torn on what hosel to buy. I have little arc in my stroke, (did the Sam Putt Lab last year) but don't want the total arc that the slant neck has, and have never been a huge plumbers neck guy. But I guess overall I am between the double bend and the plumber's neck.
  8. Long time lurker here and this is my first ever post. I am thinking about buying one of the PXG putters while they have them on sale right now, and was wondering what the community thought about them. On sale they priced in line with other high end putters. I am kind of a putter whore and want to try one out. Thanks for any feedback you can give!
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