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  1. All prices are OBO Prices include shipping Trades I would consider are x-flex iron sets and x-flex 3 woods 1: Ping G400 LST 8.5 Driver Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Orange 70 TX (Plays at 45", no additional tipping, set to the lowest '-' setting Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT 60r grip (BRAND NEW) Comes with stock headcover ~~$350 obo~~ SOLD 2: Ping G410 LST 14.5 3 Wood Graphite Design AD-IZ 8X (Plays at 43", I believe there is an additional 1/2" tipping) Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip No headcover, but will protect when shipping $325 obo 3: Graphite Design AD-VR 7X Drive
  2. > @ASN21 said: > How do these Jordan 11's compare fit wise to Nike's regular lineup? I couldn't fit into the Air Max 1 G or the TP's because they were too narrow and tight. I wear 10.5 in the AM1’s, and ordered 11s with the Jordan 11s. Glad I did because they fit perfectly.
  3. Got mine! Anyone else have comments about how the 11's fit? I wear 10.5's in the AM1s, and I ordered 11's since I saw that they run about 1/2 size small.
  4. > @Nixhex524 said: > That Jones is the Trouper, I believe, not the Utility. Still a really nice bag though! You're right! I edited the description. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. > @detroit59 said: > Would you be interested in splitting the head/shaft on the M5 driver? Am interested in the head. Send me a message. I would be willing to split.
  6. It's time for me to move for work again, so I want to clear out some space. I would be interested in some trades, but I would mainly be looking for a Callaway Epic Flash SZ driver, Ping G410 LST, or Graphite Design X-Flex shafts. All prices are OBO Prices include shipping 1: Taylormade M5 9* Driver All stock with a Tensei White 60s shaft. Standard length with stock grip. Will include stock headcover and additional 13.5g weights. ~~$350 ~~SOLD 2: ACCRA TZ6 65 M5 Plays at 45" in a Taylormade Drivers Taylormade tour adapter, no tipping Lamkin Crossline Black Grip (+2 w
  7. Handicap (VR best fits 0-* 12 range): 3.2 Driver Swing Speed (VR best fits 90-120mph): ~110mph Are you willing to document your fitting in a VR review thread? Of course! Have you been fit before? If so when? Driver fitting at Cool Clubs, Foster City, CA. July, 2018 Where are you located? Los Angeles area Are you willing to be provide your own transportation to one of the described locations? Yes What driver or FW are you currently playing (2018/2019 are desirable) ? Taylormade M5 driver and 3-wood
  8. Turmoil35x

    My Spider X

    Got my all black Spider X with no sight lines in today. I'm coming from the red spider with the T-sight line, and I really like the simplicity of this all black head. Took off the Super Stroke and threw on a Winn grip, and also tossed a Sugar Skull headcover on. The black insert is the aluminum insert. I had to order the 6g weights as it came with the 3g weights, even though I ordered it at 33.5". Can't wait to see how it goes on the greens.
  9. Turmoil35x

    My Spider X

    > @Treyball344 said: > Someone above mentioned the black inserts being surlyn...true or false? I got the black insert, and mine is getting delivered on Monday. I'll give an update once its delivered.
  10. > @Minarets said: > > @Lesmond said: > > Speaking of Janoksi. The golf version drops July 1st. $95. > Pics? > Found this on sneakernews.com
  11. > @ajbellinger said: > > @Turmoil35x said: > > > > > > I guess you can say the AM1s are my favorite shoe this year :smile: > > Since the Safari AM1 is more like the street version, do they size like the street version of the golf version? I would say so. I got 10.5 in all the AM1s I have, and the normal ones fit a bit more snug. The Safari AM1 did fit a little bit looser out of the box, but not by much. I will say that the materials on the AM1 feel much more premium than the other AM1s. I wish I got a 2nd pair of the safaris for retail, since t
  12. I guess you can say the AM1s are my favorite shoe this year :smile:
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