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  1. I'm planning to drive from Lafayette LA to Branson MO for a golf trip at Big Cedar Lodge and hoping to play a round on the way. I've been looking at Mystic Creek, does anyone know what the current conditions are like? Is it a good choice or should I look for somewhere in Little Rock, Conway, Pine Bluff, etc.
  2. TPC is the best course but not worth $200. English turn has been in awful shape. Bayou oaks south is worth playing for under $100. I’ve never played Lakewood but have heard good things about it from Nola locals I play with from time to time. Audobon not worth it imo
  3. Going on a bachelor party at the end of March and we're staying at a vrbo in dripping springs tx. We're looking to play twice and as far as I can tell our best options are Grey Rock, Kissing Tree, Falconhead, or Vaalar. Which courses would you recommend and are there any other courses nearby that I haven't listed? Thanks
  4. Just booked our stay for June. Half the group is onsite and half is offsite at a nearby airbnb. We're scheduled to play the three 18 hole courses and we're looking for one more. Would everyone that's been there recommend a par 3 course, Branson Hills, Point Royale, Thousand Hills, or replaying one of the 3 big courses? This would be our second round on the day we play Buffalo Ridge.
  5. Fallen Oak is going to be in perfect shape and without a doubt the best course in the area, to me it's worth it. Like Abh said, nothing is particularly close, so if you're factoring in uber costs then I think Fallen Oak would definitely be worth it. I would recommend a rental car though. The three other courses abh listed are the best in the second tier behind fallen oak, with the preserve being the best of the three
  6. Another question, I saw on Chariot Run's website that they're requiring guests to wear masks through out their entire time at Chariot Run. I have no issue with wearing one while I'm in the proshop or interacting with course personnel, cart girls etc. However, when I'm out on the course with no one but my group, I don't want to wear one while playing. Is this going to be an issue? Are they actually expecting us to wear one throughout the entire round?
  7. Another vote for Grand National. I think you'd have a hard time doing a better budget conscious trip than Grand National. I've never played farmlinks but everyone I've heard from that has echoes what Long Left said. Might be out of the budget but another option to consider would be streamsong, it's an hour drive from the Tampa airport and there is basically nothing in the area but they do have bars at the resort. They also have bass fishing and trap shooting, but it might be out of budget depending on the time of year. If you don't mind the heat and catch it in the offseason you could probably fit it in the budget. Biloxi is another good option. The Preserve, Grand Bear, and Fallen Oak are all excellent courses and you can stay at a casino (would need to be the Beau Rivage to play Fallen Oak). Fallen Oak is the only course that might bust the budget, but there is a ton of good golf to be found at reasonable prices and nightlife in the area
  8. Awesome! Thanks for all the advice! Looks like we will be playing Chariot Run and potentially Valhalla if I can get a couple guys to agree to pony up the green fee
  9. I'm going on a bachelor party to Louisville and we'll have time to play two rounds of golf. Looking for advice on what courses to play in Louisville. We'd like to keep it close enough to Louisville so that we can Uber to/from the course and not have to rent a car. If we rent a car then we'd probably go check out French Lick Donald Ross course or Chariot Run (so opinions on those courses would help). Also, we've talked about having our pro call Valhalla to see if we can get on there. Does anyone know what we can expect to pay for the reciprocal price without a member at Valhalla? ETA: I should add that we’re going in the first week of November. Not sure what to expect conditions wise
  10. We're doing the same type of trip this november, but will be staying in Louisville. We'll only have time for one round. What course would anyone recommend in the Louisville area?
  11. Anyone have an update at either Troon North course or either Grayhawk course? Heading to Scottsdale for Labor Day weekend from Louisiana. Right now we're scheduled to play both Troon courses and Talon at Grayhawk. I'd like to move to Raptor if it's in quality shape again. Any and all information/advice on what courses we should play is appreciated.
  12. I pay a "junior" membership rate that applies for 30-35 year olds. We don't have any restrictions, and the reason I chose the club was because of that. With that said our dues structure has always been 21-29 "Super Junior," 30-35 "Junior," 35-62 "Full," 62+ "Senior" and there haven't been any "promos" or membership drives that changes the pricing. All levels include an initiation fee so you're less likely to jump ship at a little better deal. I've never really considered leaving, but if they imposed restrictions on junior or super junior members because the tee sheet is fuller then I would consider moving to a different club
  13. I played there Feb 25 this year and it was in great shape, it might be a little wet out there but they do a great job keeping the course in top shape. They are quick to keep it carts on path so that helps with conditions. They were setting up for the Champions tour event when we played so there were some grand stands up around greens
  14. Lots of good suggestions here Tier 1 - Fallen Oak, you'll pay for it but its top of the line in every regard. It hosts a Senior PGA event and is always ranked in the top 100 public course in the US lists. Tier 2 - Grand Bear and The Preserve - Still great conditions but not quite the level of Fallen Oak, much more economical. Tier 3 - Shell Landing, The Bridges, Windance, Sunkist. If I was going to pick one it'd be Shell Landing. All can be good but I step down from the top 3 depending on conditions. Last time I played Shell Landing it was very well kept but that was a couple years ago
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