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  1. If only we had a page just for trading these ross deals, wed have an inventory and just be out shipping. I just want some cheap nike shoes to wear not flip. Im sure there are fb pages but with this site it would be easy to get everybodys sizes theyre after.
  2. Wow! I will be headed to check this week, i will buy whatever sizes are in and hope to trade for my size. Love ross nike scores! Im still wearing my nike lunar control 2's those were like 35$ best deal ever.
  3. How much are the victory tours and the react going for? I may have to go to ross and see if i can score a pair
  4. I have 10 dozen total, yellow and white. 130$ shipped for 5 dozen.
  5. I have four dozen for sale 2 white and 2 yellow. 110 shipped. I ship usps priority but havent sold anything since covid hit. Only selling because i bought 8 dozen to start the season and i havent played more then a few rounds. Thanks for looking!
  6. Be nice to have a page here for ross finds etc for trade, i have found a few locally but never my size and not worth my time to try and sell. Would be nice to see whats avail in what sizes and make trades, then ya just out shipping. If there already is then im sorry.
  7. Anyone seeing any sales on wedges? I missed the rtx 4 and tm wedge sale at wally world of all places.
  8. Sz irons 5-gw. Cobra f9 driver! Of course weather is rain til monday
  9. My sz irons and f9 driver here on friday in oregon
  10. Tomorrow will be 9 business days, hopefully soon.
  11. Any info on custom orders? My order was played on may 24th and shows sent to warehouse still. Excited to hit the speedzone irons
  12. I hope my order goes through, if not i hope i find out either way soon. Im hoping the sz irons arent quite as chunky as my big bertha os irons
  13. Sz irons and a f9 tour length driver ordered! Thnx for code, cost me 5 percent from last night so i took out a pair of shoes for doubting my club hoe haaaa but thank you for the code. My first new set or irons fit with my shafts and lie angle.
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