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  1. This was a former custom shop putter then it was sent to NorCal putters for the blue PVD finish. The blue finish has worn on the back because of the velcro of the cover. Anyway, the putter is 34” standard loft and lie. Shaft sticker intact and grip is a Byron Club leather stitchback. Quick refinish back to original or game it as it is. Putter rolls great! Comes with Junk Yard Dog Custom Shop headcover as well. Price is $995 PayPal shipped from Hawaii. As for trades my bag is pretty set but hit me up with what you have... I could always use more ProV1s and TP5s
  2. These don’t come up for sale to often... I’d keep them but they just don’t fit my feet right. I’ll stick to the True knits. They are brand new in the box!!! Only taken out for these pics. Price is $255 PayPal shipped from Hawaii.
  3. SIM MAX has literally hit 10 balls. It’s hot melted in neutral forward position to 196.63g. It’s only about 2g of hot melted. Comes with headcover. Price is $345 PayPal shipped 18 Vice Pro Softs in Lime Green... They are the matte finished balls. $40 PayPal shipped... Trade interests are for 70g x flex driver shafts with Taylormade adapter, ProV1s, TP5s, higher end putters and possibly other things I can’t think of as well...
  4. Thanks bro!!! I’m going to hate seeing these Scratch irons leave but my bag is pretty set...
  5. Just like the title says.... The Scratch irons (4-PW and 47*) were used prior to the copper plating but haven’t been played since plating. Shafts are black KBS C-Taper 120 S. Grooves, faces, and finish are amazing! These could probably pass as new. Pics speak for themselves.... Standard loft and lie to my knowledge and standard length. Standard Golf Pride MCC grips and 4 iron has standard Zcord. Price is $OLD PayPal shipped... Tour issue TC serial number Callaway Epic 3+ (13.5*) wood with Rogue Max 75S shaft. Great condition!!! Grip is brand new midsize Pure DT
  6. Hey gentlemen, I have a set of GEN 1 PXG 0311Ts I’ve gamed for a little over a season. No browning on the faces. Just typical wear on the faces. I always had headcovers on the irons so very minimal bag chatter. The PW did sustain some of the chrome plating coming off the sole from a rock. It’s superficial and plays perfectly fine. Shafts are Pro Modus 120 X. These were ordered 1/4” long with standard loft and lie. I never had them verified but I am the original owner. Ordered them direct from PXG. Grips are midsize PXG Lamkin Z5s in great condition. I will also include 5 additiona
  7. This putter is 34” and has been gamed lightly but is in still amazing condition for its age... I’d rate it a solid 8.5 out of 10. Comes with matching headcover and divot tool. Price is now $525 PayPal shipped from Hawaii. I’ll entertain trades but it my bag is pretty much set...
  8. Golfworks is back ordered and I need one now... Who has one they’d sell me?!?!?!
  9. I have 13 Pure DTX midsize grips in titanium grey. 3 are brand new and 10 are blown off after 1 round of use and look new. These just aren’t for me... Going back to Tour Velvets. My loss your gain. $OLD PayPal shipped USPS from Hawaii...
  10. Yeah it’s super sick!!! I’ve never seen another come up for sale. I no longer collect Bettinardi stuff so these need to go unfortunately.
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