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  1. im not a swing coach, but looks like you arent shifting much weight to right side, and shoulder turn looks maybe 3/4. On backswing think left shoulder over right knee(sean fister). Do that and I think you will not only add 25 yards but should stop any flipping
  2. if you favor heels you will tend to hit balls to the left, if you favor toes, you will hit balls to the right. Really you are somewhat close with feeling it on right then left. Try this though, next time you are out playing. Left shoulder over right knee on backswing. Do this, and good things happen.
  3. I am not a long drive champ, or do I even have a LD setup. I swing in that 120 range like you, and can wack it a good distance. I know people are saying well you already have a weight lifting background so there isnt a chance. For a very long time people said you are born with x% fast twich and x% slow twitch muscles. If you were a sprinter you have more fast twitch and if you are a distance runner you have more slow twitch. Studies show now, you can actually COMPLETELY overhaul your percentages. Think about the most athletic person you know, he has excellent hand eye coordination + a high % fast twitch. These long drive champs are like that guy you know. The most athletic person you can think of. The only way you can get past your bodies maximum, is to change your fast twitch to slow twitch muscle ratio. (which I do not know how to do, In fact this is pretty recent development and not many people may know HOW to change the ratio, just that it can be done.) This assumes your swing mechanics are very sound, and you arent losing 30 yards to not coiling 100%
  4. You need a Preshot routine. Get behind ball, pick a point a foot infront of ball to line up clubface with, ect Then pay special attention to what your arms are doing in backswing. Then go shoot par!
  5. One Thing to try that might help is point shoulder to ball on backswing, then move ball back in stance, or pick a blade of grass behind ball and point shoulder to that spot. This will really help you get a full shoulder turn
  6. I like the guy, talks calm and clear, and anyone who's 50 that can hit it 300 has a decent swing to learn from. Also, I believe people in general can reason really well. And the things he says probably are exactly right for what he's trying to do. If we all had an intimate view of his swing and swing principles, everything he says would probably be spot on. But its like any swing, works for some and not others. There's a trigger out there for everyone, some people find it when they are dreaming golf, some people hear so.e hacker say something and it makes everything click.
  7. I literally gained 100 yards off the tee in the last 5 years from technique, good balls, and the right clubs/launch. I'm sure I'm also more flexible because of the constant swinging, but I'm probably slightly weaker since I'm 34 now and not hitting the gym. The thing about technique is that sometimes you think your soing something right, and your not. It's hard to isolate the moves in that "perfect shot" you had on hole 15 last week. I think the number 1 limiter to people's improvement is their score. People are too scared to go backwards to get better as a whole. Because they get embarrassed or something
  8. Roids? I mean why the hell not? Find some workouts that don't hurt, and just focus on stretching. Also consider vegan or vegetarian, I heard no animal products greatly reduces inflation which is most likely a big pain source at 77
  9. Moe norman said he doesn't use his lower body, he did, but it was passive. Passive lower body probably won't flare up your hip. Id try that style. As for playing with ee and timing idk.. that is just grounds for trial and error, lots of grinding and seeing what works and what hurts. Also open stance shifts hip rotation to right hip, if you find something that might work, maybe an open stance will put it over the edge
  10. First I would take ur driver, tee up a ball a decent amount. Then setup, but not like you normally do. Scoot back a few inches, your left arm is straight, you have to reach maybe just a touch to get the club behind the ball. On your backswing, point your left shoulder behind the ball, once it's pointing behind the ball, start ur downswing. Make sure you feel as if your chest goes over your right foot, or you will probably reverse pivot.
  11. Yeah I think real golf is probably different to anyone you ask. In Tournaments you see alot of bomb, chip, putt style play. It doesn't give the golfer alot of variety. I'd think those courses that make you take something other than a driver off a par4 would be a welcomed relief. I mostly enjoy tight courses where I can play an iron off the tee and have something less than 175 in. Driver, wedge/scramble, chip, putt gets somewhat old after a few hundred rounds. Lately I've been hitting irons off tees even if I usually hit a driver just to mix things up
  12. Well I work but can make my own hours. When it's not pressing I can get to the course at 6, squeeze in a quick 9/18 before 9am and goto work. When my wife went out of town for 2 weeks last month, I would goto course at 6 to 9, then work until 6ish then go back to course till dark every single day. My course is a 500 yard hike from work
  13. Well I mean on your backswing, start with the clubhead going straight down the target line the first couple inches, the hands and arms will start but the shoulders will be pretty much at the same time. I guess what I'm trying to do is just not get too steep or too shallow with the club, if you are hooking and pull draw you are probably getting too shallow. Causing your hands to compensate by rolling the face square at impact. If you have a driver in your hands you may want to keep a shallow plane, for an upward aoa. In that case a weaker grip would allow the shallow plane and straight ball flight. If you have an iron in your hands you want a steeper plane so you can have negative aoa. Which requires a little different arm path. I'd assume if you wanted the exact same take away and swing on every swing you would have to adopt ben hogan's model for ball and foot position. I don't do that bc open stance on short irons hurts my lower back, and I have single length clubs so my stance is the same every time.
  14. 100%. Even good players can suffer from this, especially setup. If you ever had "it" for a round and then lost it the next day, it's probably your setup/grip
  15. No not really I just went with what hurt the next and and or what felt like a good swing in the moment. Hooks and pulls might be getting club too inside, try take a weaker grip or take club straight back
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