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  1. 80-130 is where the magic happens. Especially when we are talking 6800 yard courses. Most par 4s are 360-420 yards. You can't make birds if your not getting it inside 15ft. Online +/- 15ft @ 150 yards is mandatory id say, and distance control comes with feel and time. One thing that can really help left right dispersion is a Preshot routine with an intermediate point.
  2. Hmm, if op was looking at a target and playing to it, like a flag for example. Then that should fix it. If op is so focused on mechanics that he can't react to a target, then that is the issue and needs to be resolved first
  3. No the problem is shoulders being closed ar impact causing his hands to close to get the ball online. The fix is to open them so his brain doesn't have to roll the club to Square it. If he usnt playing to a target then that's the problem.
  4. Ez, line up left of target, then swing to the target. Another way, take your normal stance, but before you hit the ball open your shoulders towards target slightly, then fix ur feet all without moving face of clubhead Your shoulders are too closed to ur target line, you hands are subconsciously rolling to get the ball to target
  5. I don't think you should feel any hand doing wrist hinge. It would actually create more lag if they stayed straight and went limp the moment u started ur downswing
  6. Honestly you already know how to swing. I would guess its 100% setup. You could be scratch in 2 weeks. Forget about all your swing changes. I would play with ball postion, forward, back, closer, farther. Also play eith stance, open closed neutral. And just send the to the hole, not swing thr club, send the ball. Just understand reverse pivot, sliding, swaying, ect. Dont think about them just understand them. Don't hit driver for a while. Just irons. When u start hitting everything online and crisp, figure out the driver with your new set up
  7. It sounds like ur putting in lots of work and really want to get better. Whats your goal here? Are you trying to drive 300+ into the fairway? Are you trying to hit pins @ 150yds? Do you just want crisp sounding irons and in the general direction of the green? What r ur expectations for improvement? You should definitely be swinging at full speed alot. You can seing as hard as you can also, but really swinging hard is not quite the same as smooth and fast. Imo without some sort of subconscious intent, you will have a hard time syncing your body and swinging smooth and fast. Intent
  8. I have a pretty easy one. I stand on my right leg and turn right, then keep turning my shoulders. My goal is to keep foot planted and feel the stretch in hip joint, and mid back. Ill hold for 20 seconds, then switch to left leg and turn left. Ill even do them sort of quick instead of holding. Really loosens me up.
  9. Neither. I would strictly work on 2 things. Balance #1 - when you address the ball, take a stance that you would ve most sturdy to resist a push from any direction. #2 routine. Don't walk up to the ball and feel like you are pointing at the flag. Get behind your ball pick an intermediate point a foot infront and line your face up to that point. Then take your stance. If you are hooking, open your shoulders left of target line at address, if you are pushing or fading move your shoulders right of target line. Doing this will get your face consistent.
  10. I think it was byron Nelson who said all I do is point my left shoulder at the ball
  11. This is pretty true. I think if your body feels the stroke it will be a perfect stroke. If you are super mechanical and don't feel it, then perhaps you lose something. Is there a way to be perfect mechanically and still have that instinctive feel?? One big problem I've encountered is when you practice you feel on and u can make alot of putts. Then thr next day, maybe you are not in the same position, something is slightly off or different, and you can't make anything. That is the problem with not lining up square and having a routine. Its very hard to get se
  12. Balance is so important in golf. If you are relying on leaning forward or backward in the swing to hit the ball on center, you will be very streaky. Its beat to have excellent balance over the ball, and also some hip bend. You can basically keep truck straight up and down(slightly forward) but you sacrifice some speed.
  13. Take a weaker grip and rip it. See how that feels.
  14. Here's my tip Drop 5 balls at 125 yards. Not range, on course. If you can put all 5 balls on green pretty easily then use same swing with driver. If you can't put 5 balls on green, then put driver in closet,, and tweak ur swing until you can.
  15. Too many people go to their balls, stand over it a certain way, tell themselves, "ok, don't hit this one ob" and repeat. Dont be afraid to mix it up. Move your ball forward and back, in, then out. Rotate your feet open to closed, open your chest and close it.
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