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  1. I've heard tour players in post round interviews after shooting a low round say they had a bad warm up session on the range.
  2. The weight and the length of the club exerts a lot of force on the swing. Y'all might know better if that's the case or not.
  3. Are you fixated on making your swing conform to the static address plane? He's not synced up. The golf swing is a dynamic motion, the swing plane should be dynamic too.
  4. The swing is a dynamic motion, why would anyone want to make their swing conform to the static address plane?
  5. I heard once that a 15 who plays to a 7 makes for a good golf hustler.
  6. I don't see much if anything about the important part the forces of momentum and inertial play in the golf swing. Without getting into a discussion of the hows and whys, does this make sense? The club head has farther to travel (240*) so it needs to be accelerated right off the ball so it catches up with the other moving parts at the top.
  7. Don't get me started on swing plane.
  8. It shouldn't take weeks, months or years to get better. No offense to anyone but I think most golf instruction is the blind leading the blind. Sounds like he got on a roll. Mindset may not be everything in golf but it's a lot.
  9. I like what Freddy Couples said was going through his mind. "I'm going to sling the club head off the end of the shaft" or something like that.
  10. If you're trying to control the release you're losing club head speed.
  11. The over swing can create lots of issues when it comes to syncing up all the moving parts in the downswing. You want everything to reach the end of their travel simultaneously as you get to the top of the back swing. These are round numbers that are a close approximation. The club head travels 270*, left arm 180*, shoulders 90* and hips 45*. A good way to sync everything up is to accelerate the club head right off the ball since it has farther to travel. Combine the quick club head off the ball with a forward press and you should be pretty good at the top.
  12. Muscles work in pairs, one side contracts and the other side stretches, when you relax they go back to a state of rest. This is a simplistic explanation of how that applies to the pivot. If you stand straight up with your arms to your side and turn your shoulders until they are 90* you're in tension. Now relax and let the tension go, what happened? The golf swing is very complicated but if you learn to tap into this you'll find that the swing is a very reactive motion. Stimulus, response, reaction.
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