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  1. You can overdue elbow out in front which will inhibit the clubhead's release through the ball.
  2. Austin had several power sources. He wound his right leg CW in his backswing. Maintained the wind into his downswing. Released it just before impact as he posted up.
  3. You don't want to drop the left arm, pull with the left arm, push with the right arm, harpoon the ball with the butt of the club, ring the church bell or tug a rope. His right side was paralyzed so he's demonstrating a throw with his left shoulder, arm and hand. Similar motion to throwing a football or baseball.
  4. I've mentioned here before that I took lessons from Mike Austin. He taught a lot of his technique but some of the things he said he did he didn't do. If you want to know the truth I don't think he wanted to give away his secrets.
  5. Dropping the left arm takes the left arm and shaft off the plane and requires a compensation to contact the ball. The ball is out in front of you not down at your feet.
  6. @Krt22 The flip is another compensatory move to get the face on the same plane as the ball with their rotational release. Maybe someone came up with the motorcycle move to compensate for flipping.
  7. Thee is a Honda grip where your left thumb is on the back of the shaft so you can hit low punch shots. The ball goes low because it creates a stop that prevents the shaft from kicking the ball up.
  8. If you can't run with he big dogs then stay on the porch. Just kidding, golf isn't all about competition. Just have a nice relaxing day on the course by taking your wife and kids to play and kicking their butts.
  9. @Krt22You are a great contributor to the site and you post some really valid material but no one has a monopoly on the universal knowledge base of the golf swing. Even the experts can't come to a consensus on the most efficient method to release energy into a golf ball. It's a compensation to get the club face on the same plane as the ball because they are using rotation to release the club and without it they would shank it. I can't read Dustin Johnson's mind but I would bet that in his mind his club face is looking at the ball here.
  10. It's just another extraneous move to compensate for other extraneous moves. Shallowing is something people talk about that I think is valid because it adds speed/energy to the club. It gives you a running start to the ball.
  11. When and where is the club fully released?
  12. In my view the motorcycle move is a manipulation to square the face to compensate for another golf swing sacred cow that body rotation releases the club.
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