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  1. Morikawa needs a hug and a comfort dog.
  2. Did Koepka rattle Morikawa?
  3. Behind every successful man is a surprised woman.
  4. Lots of them but trying to keep your arms in front of your body during the entire swing is an energy killer.
  5. Are you serious? It isn't that complicated. About 60-70% of our learning is done visually. Here's a video that might clear things up for you. He stepped on his right foot then he turns from the top down. He didn't swing his arms wide in the backswing which gets the arms out of sync with the turning body creating a timing nightmare. The shaft is parallel to his shoulders because his arms were swinging around him not away from him. Hope that helps. If not good luck with your hunting and pecking.
  6. A simple but effective way to do it is to turn the shoulders, hips and knees while folding the right elbow and cocking the hands while the arms work with the body. You'll open up a can of compensational worms if you swing the arms independently from the body by trying to swing the club wide down the static plane line.
  7. LOP & RIT fall under the dazzle them with bullxxxx category but if people want to buy into it fine with me.
  8. I used to be a 140lb weakling and couldn't hit the ball anywhere so I started a rigorous fitness and weightlifting program. Four months later I'm a 180lb weakling and still can't hit the ball anywhere.
  9. I'm not trying to be argumentative but I throw up in my mouth a little when I see people talking about dropping the left arm, pulling with the left arm or left side, swinging the arms independent of the shoulders or artificially keeping the shoulders closed. His shaft is on an inclined plane not a vertical plane. The ball is out in front of you, it isn't on the same plane as your feet.
  10. If you're pulling the club with your left arm you'll be hunting and pecking for a long time.
  11. The foot wedge, the pencil whip and the do over.
  12. No cast? No Motorcycle move? He's a heretic, off with his head!
  13. Brooks shouldn't be disclosing Phil's prostrate issues on national tv.
  14. Rory has the sads because he's lost perspective.
  15. The LPGA gets better and better. Hope it continues to get better under the new Commissioner.
  16. The feud got started when Brooks caught Bryson flexing his bicep and winking at his girl.
  17. It's a combination of power and speed. The pivot provides the power and the right arm whip provides the speed.
  18. The one Tin Cup ricocheted off the porta potty.
  19. I realize the putter design has an effect on the stroke but which muscles power the stroke has more effect imo. Just like in a full swing.
  20. If you believe speed is generated by using centrifugal force to fling the golf ball you need circular motion. David twirled the sling to build force to fling the rock which hit Goliath right between his eyes.
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