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  1. Yes, an Epic Flash 9 at 23* with an Evenflow Green shaft. Got it late in the season, so I've only hit it at the range and hit a couple of shots last week during a quick 9 holes, so I'm still getting used to it. Agree that it seems good for the "more seasoned" among us, LOL.
  2. Northstar7 - I'm interested in your Sub 70 699U 3i. Specifically, in order to get "a 5-iron shaft", did you request that it be made an inch shorter than standard or something else? I was fitted for and recently received Ping G710s (7-UW) and a Glide 3.0 56* Eye-2 grind. So the bottom of my bag is set. The top end includes a Ping G400 driver and Cally Heavenwood (both keepers), so I'm working on the gap between the HW and 7-iron. I am strongly considering ordering the G710 6-iron and have several Hybrid choices, including Titleist 816 H1 in 23* and 25*. I like the idea of getting a
  3. In September I got fitted for Ping G710 with Recoil F3 80 gm shafts which arrived about 10-days ago. The day I picked them up I was able to hit a bucket at a nearby range and last Friday I played 9-holes, both with really good results. Going to graphite shafts is definitely a good move! About 25-years ago, I bought Titleist DCI irons with the stock graphite shafts which were terrible. During the fitting, I mentioned this to the club tech who urged me to keep an open mind, because today's graphite shafts are MUCH better.....he wasn't kidding. Other than my putter, all c
  4. I picked up my G710s last Friday, so my 2021 bag is set: Driver: Ping G400 10.5 (set at 11.5*) Shaft: Alta CB 55 R Heavenwood: Callaway Epic Flash (21*) Shaft: Project X Even Flow Green 55 5.5R 9-wood: Callaway Epic Flash (23*) Shaft: Project X Even Flow Green 65 5.5R 5-Hybrid: Titleist 816H1 (24*) Shaft: Tensei Red CK Series 60HY R 6-Hybrid: Ping Anser (27*) Shaft: stock (switch to Recoil F3 80 gm) Irons: Ping G710 (7-UW) Shafts: Recoil F3 80 gm Wedges: Ping Glide 3.0 Eye-2 grind (56
  5. I picked up my G710s on Friday and was able to try them a nearby outdoor range. Although I hadn't swung a club since November, I really liked how well the clubs worked for me!
  6. On Thursday, Spargo called to let me know that my G710s had arrived. I picked them up yesterday and it was above 40* so I went to a nearby range to try them. Although I haven't hit anything more than chip shots since early November, I have to say that I am VERY pleased with the results of my first outing!
  7. Congrats on getting the G710's..... I was fitted by Spargo Golf in Cranston, RI for G710s with Recoil F3 80 gm shafts in September and am still waiting. Last week the guys at Spargo let me know that Ping advised that they are in production and should ship this week. Hopefully we have some decent weather this winter so I can try them before Spring!
  8. I ordered mine on September 29, along with a Glide 3.0 Eye-2 grind. Got the wedge in early December. I heard from my club fitter last week that the G710s were in production last week and should be shipped this week. If this happens, it will be 3.5 months for me. Apparently, Ping had a problem getting G710 PW heads.
  9. I recently acquired an Idea Tech V4 6 hybrid for a reasonable price. Living in NE, I haven't had the chance to hit the club yet, but plan to try it soon in a nearby simulator. The club is shafted with an Idea V4.0 shaft and is also marked "LIGHTWEIGHT/R-FLEX". Does anyone know anything about this shaft: (i) which manufacturer and (ii) how it performs? I'd appreciate any input. As a further data point, in September I was fitted for Ping G710s with Recoil F3 80gm.
  10. On September 29 I ordered Ping G710s (7-UW) thru a club fitter in RI (Spargo Golf....they are great). Yesterday, 3-months to the day after placing the order, I got word from the club fitter that Ping has the clubs scheduled for assembly this week and shipping next. By the time I get my G710s it will be about 3.5 months.
  11. theorangeman - Looks like an interesting setup, particularly the G710s (I am waiting for delivery of mine). I'd love to see the details and know more about your bag itself.
  12. Ditto. I am quite consistent with a 56* sand wedge which I can repeat 50-yards with a 9-o'clock swing, otherwise its all over the place.
  13. Interesting topic! I am a high handicapper (let's just say Obee would have to give me about 30 strokes ) who retired about 18-months ago and returned to the game after a 10-year hiatus. I definitely fall into Monte's description of being someone who has trouble finding the center of the clubface on a consistent basis and is lousy out of bunkers.....for now. I'm working at it, however, and seeing improvement. One of the ways I found which has helped me in both of these areas is to spend some of my practice time at the range hitting hooks/slices and higher/lower intentionally. While
  14. I used a Senior flex Diamana shaft on my Titleist 913D thru about July 2020, then went back to Regular flex. What precipitated this change what my taking a lesson for which the instructor used Trackman and a high speed camera. He determined that my effective loft at impact was around 24*, versus the nominal loft of 12*. Pictures showed that the club was bent way forward at impact. I made the switch back to Regular flex based on this information and my drives improved. As another data point, I went through an irons, wedges, hybrid fitting in September (using Flight Scope) and
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