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  1. Good morning all. As with any good Wrx post, “this is gonna sound a bit strange.” I’m looking for a partner for a 2 man tournament near Denver, May 7-9. The course is Ballyneal. Period. Cost would be $1250 per man. That includes 3 rounds of golf, 2 nights lodging, and 5 meals. The reason I’m looking for a stranger to partner with. May 9th is Mother’s Day, so my normal playing partners could not get permission. Feel free to reply or message. Hoping to find someone, and sign-up for this killer opportunity.
  2. Welcome to the team. You can see my patch up on the wall in the bar. I hope your time at the 961 was as good as mine. It was the best assignment ever. Alex Demma and J Frazier are awesome dudes!
  3. Op, I love 22 hybrid from just off the greens. have fun.
  4. Depends on the wind on 4. when I was there in August, it was 20+ mph wind at the back, and it was firm. caddie said hit your 180 carry club! i nuked a 6 iron (probably would have carried 185 no wind). We found the ball 250+ from the tee. as someone else mentioned above, if you hit it a tiny bit left, you can run out of fairway quick with firm conditions
  5. The guys I play with - low single digit up to 20 cap. We play a stableFord. Doubles (and up) are worth nothing. So we just put the ball in the pocket at Double, and enjoy the view.
  6. Play Caledonia and True Blue. The architect was a visionary.
  7. #10 is still the same general design you described. Except if it doesn’t draw, you’re in trees, rough, or on #11. I never saw anyone successfully knock it on in 2. Because you had to hit a power draw, and then still had a long way in. I would have loved that hole wayyy more if they elevated the tee box about 20-35 feet. Still keep the shot blind. But elevating the tee would allow a strait or fade shot.
  8. Skip SR?! Never then again, I don’t like a course that trys to crush you. SR isn’t meant to be 7,800 yards. and you are right, the wind is the defense. I had a leisurely front nine with 2 or 3 birdies last time....then the wind picked up on the back. I had to really strike it well to hang on to a good round.
  9. Scootbox, more details on the general plans for the Reno, and what prompted it. thanks
  10. I can’t remember...there’s a par 4 with a ravine to the left (the hole reminded me of Kapalua). I was right off the tee (understandable ;)). On my second the caddie said “you CAN NOT miss left. You got plenty of room right, and can even funnel/run it on.” it was a blind shot from my position, and I went Wayyy right. And almost killed some people on a nearby tee right of the green. i had a tricky up and down for par and made it. love SR
  11. Just saw “Mr Shortgame” on YouTube. He reviewed Sugar Golf balls. Numbers seemed to sit between ProV1 and ProV1X. anybody ever gamed this ball??????
  12. You’ve got to play Sheep Ranch! It’s my favorite. Maybe the best ocean holes/views anywhere
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