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  1. I’m no expert....but I’d say Miunzo HMP or Forged. Or P790
  2. Anyone have a good tracking website for their order? I did a google search for Mizuno tracking. The resulting website didn’t work
  3. With your mix of Caps, I’d recommend Greens. I’m a 12. I can it it plenty far (for an amateur). When I initially saw the Green Tee yardages, I thought, “I’m gonna tear this place up.” the wind humbled me! Playing into a 20+ mph wind a 5 yard cut turns into a 25 yard cut that ends up in the rough or trees. play the Greens. I’ve never played with a human who shot 60something from “forward” tees and said “I didn’t get challenged. I didn’t enjoy that.” and if the wind is up, they will NOT be shooting in the 60s
  4. Play Chambers again! It’s one of my favorites
  5. I know what you mean minarets. i went to the Mizuno Experience in atl. the tech was smart and friendly. BUT....their sim uses a ball with dots on it. And it didn’t spin! Great for making the customer think they’re gaining yards, but not realistic if you play a moderate or high spin ball - like a ProV1 X! i didn’t feel a lot of difference between F and HMp, but I’m a 12 cap. Where the diff did show up was on mishit; HMP still more /much more forgiving
  6. You’re probably right. I eventually got through. Had to call a few times
  7. I tried calling Rustic today, and got no answer. they closed for Corona, or just so busy no one could answer????
  8. It was a good test. What surprised me was the lack of spin on the HM Pitching Wedge. everything else was as expected
  9. Looking at those numbers, I would NOT game the 790. That’s not enough spin. Also, is your Shot height feet, or yards? Because if it’s only getting 30 feet off the ground, that’s not great either. if you REALLY fell in love, and are adamant about the switch, I’d find a a ball that’s spins more
  10. Was there 2 weeks ago. First time. there is limited seating at restaurants! So show early, or have a reservation. caddies will let you pull your clubs if you don’t want them handling them. locker room below Bandon Inn is open. i had a blast
  11. I left the #1 green and went right. There was a sign pointing to the right for the forward tees. I figured the greens and blacks were back of them. I was WRONG. so I was playing into a left quartering headwind. Nightmare cut wind. the correct 2 tee that day was well left of the 1 green. Which would have been a tailwind.
  12. Just got back from Bandon. And we can always use another trip report. :) I went as a solo. I booked the trip on about 12 days notice. i flew into Eugene because flying into N Bend was about $800, compared to $275 flying into Eugene. Also the drive from Eugene to Bandon is BEAUTIFUL! So don’t be bummed if you elect to do the longer drive. i went straight from the car to #1 tee at Bandon....after traveling ALL DAY from the east coast. Predictably the front 9 was erratic and just about getting loose and enjoying the views. I wish I would have had a caddie. I figured I’d be paired with another gr
  13. I locked in my short notice trip for first week of Aug. :) im playing the above tracks. Are any like some of the Scottish courses, where I won’t know where to aim if without looper? i don’t mind paying for the good/necessary course knowledge. But if the course is “in front of me” I’m comfortable carrying and using laser. TIA
  14. All, i did a search, but am looking for more data.... my Scotland trip 1st week of Aug got canceled due to Corona. im thinking of going to Bandon for 3-4 days as a solo. I’d like to save a few bucks (got to keep the wife happy). In general, is it cheaper to stay at hotels in town and pay higher play rate for green fee? i know about replay rates to save a few bucks. And of course bring some snacks and beverages. Other $ saving tips? thanks in advance.
  15. Trip had to be canceled due to quarantine rules. :(
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