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  1. lagacea


    Well I'm planning to be in the Kamloops area in August, so a trip down might be in order. Really excited about this news.
  2. I went with the standard Golf Pride MCC for the whole bag. I went with Blue/Back colour combo to go with my Mizuno's. I was contemplating going with the aligns, but since I've never really used them and didn't want to take a chance. Thought about just going tour velvets too, but I like the MCC's better.
  3. I bought through Niagara Golf Warehouse as well. Cheaper than golftown even when you factor in shipping.
  4. Some awesome photos here. Would love to play shaugnessey one day. Capilano is also on my wishlist as I love playing Stanley Thompson courses, I particularly like his bunkering. This gets me excited for spring, although I'm in the North and will be lucky to get out before mid-May. Planning a trip to the Okanagan this year so hopefully I can add a few good photos then.
  5. lagacea


    Thats very interesting to hear. I plan on playing a few rounds around Kamloops/Vernon this summer. If Sagebrush is open to public I may have to rip over there as well.
  6. Adams Idea MB 2 (3-GW) These are a catch and release for me. I have not hit them and for the most part they show very little wear and little patina for their raw finish. Please read the following notes... A minor ding towards the hosel of the 6 Iron (pictured)A more substantial ding on the leading edge of the 7 iron (pictured) I don't think it would affect playability, but I'm far from an expert.All of the other clubs are in excellent shape with minor bag chatter.At some point these were re-shafted to Project X 5.0, except the GW I believe. The GW has an unmarked shaft, and while it looks si
  7. I just saw the icons in person for the first time last night. Beautiful clubs, didn't hit them, but the fellow who bought them was ripping them!
  8. If you really landed 75yds short of the green they really had no business being upset for fear of injury as they likely didn't even hear it land. Now they may have felt as though they were being rushed, which I can see as a valid complaint.
  9. I'm in the process of fixing up my garage and have the same considerations. I've found lots of great info here... Simulator Builds - Golf Simulator Forum
  10. Great night. I had my PB 9 hole round last night as well. +1. I had 8 pars and 1 bogey on what is usually one of the easier holes for me. Can't complain though.
  11. I wonder if they'll cater to us lefties this time. I doubt it though.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I've heard similar sentiments about Glen Abbey, I just want to play it before it closes if I can. When I lived in the area it wasn't high on my list, but now that time might be running out I'm keen to play it. After moving out west I went on about a 10 year golf hiatus as there weren't any courses remotely near me. I played a few rounds within that time including Victoria G&C. I enjoyed it, but only played 1 round and would really like to get back there. Also played Gorge Vale (really enjoyed it as well) and the Valley Course at Bear Mountain, it ate me alive
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