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  1. Hello, Just wanted to update everyone on my recent experience with re-shafting the Ping Eye 2 irons. The TT-Lite XL reg. flex is definitely not the replacement shaft for the original Ping ZZ-lite shaft. I played several rounds with the TT- Lite XL reg. flex and found them to be too soft at the tip.
  2. I'm actually in the middle of "updating" my dad's old set of 1985 Ping Eye 2 irons. I pulled the original zz-lite shafts out of the 5 and 7 iron and replaced them with tt-lite xl regular flex. I have delofted them 2-3 degrees as well and increased the shaft length by 1/2" to bring them up to a more modern spec. Ping doesn't do this work on the old clubs any more. I have played a round or 2 and can report that the clubs feel OK but different. The only caution is that some bounce was sacrificed when the lofts were reduced. After a few more rounds with my 7 and 5 iron I have decided that the zz-lite shaft was better suited to my swing. The TT-Lite XL R flex is too soft for me.
  3. I have started playing with my dad's set of 1985 Ping Eye 2's and love them. I have delofted them 2-3 degrees. The stock ZZ-lite shafts feel great.
  4. How did your Ping Eye 2 irons turn out? I'm considering the same thing as I have adjusted the lofts 2-3 degrees stronger and like what I see.
  5. Just picked one up this week. It's very well made and in my basement workshop. I will be bending very little, so this unit will be just fine. Oh, and I got it for less than $75 with stand and bending bar included. After clean up, it looks as good as new.
  6. I'm confused myself about this and wrote to Callaway, the original maker of the D2+ feel. They wouldn't comment. My feeling from playing with them is that Dicks went back to the hard cover that Top-flite has always been known for to save money on production costs. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  7. Does anyone know if the Top Flite D2+ Feel golf ball has changed from when Callaway owned it? Dicks owns the brand now and I'm just wondering if anyone knows if the ball was changed by Dicks. In my opinion, it seems to be going back to the old Top-flite I remember.
  8. Just curious, what is your wrist to floor measurement? Arms hanging loosely by your side.
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