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  1. I find it humorous that people on this board are calling out Azinger for calling out Koepka based on his past Ryder cup record when they have no record at all.
  2. I think Sheffler was a great pick. He's been consistent all year long and I think he will surprise people in how well he does. I think it will be refreshing not to have all of the drama that comes with Reed seeing that there is already a high drama content between the Brooks and Bryson.
  3. DeChumpbeau has an unfair advantage on being able to win the PGA Tour bonus Meltwater Mentions category for just being Bryson.
  4. Give this lady a follow on Instagram. She's a golf fitness trainer and has tons of stretches and strengthening exercises. https://www.instagram.com/jenniferfleischer/
  5. I play the same manufacturer for my wedges as my irons but not the same model. I definitely want my wedge set to match each other so that the only differences are the loft and very slight length changes.
  6. Bridgestone J40 DPC's . My driver is really knew though, like 2016 or so.
  7. I am needing to get some new wedges as the grooves on mine are worn down pretty far. I currently play Bridgestone J-15 wedges and I like their feel. Interested in recommendations for wedges that are on the softer side and have good feel to them like the Bridgestones. Thanks.
  8. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with Mark Blackburn's instruction. He coaches Max Homa and Charley Hoffman, Chaz Reevie, and a few others on tour. I see that he has a paid site like many others these days but I have been following him on Instagram and I'm interested in what he teaches. He seems to favor a more "Steve Stricker" wrist set feel where the shaft pitches a little more behind the hands at the top and then a lot of rotation through the ball.
  9. Close to it one time many years ago. A guy I never played with before joined me one morning. Annoying as heck because he would say great shot every time I hit the ball no matter how good or bad it was. On one hole he walked up into a greenside trap while I was still out 80 yards or so. It was kind of a foggy morning and I proceeded the thin a sand wedge towards him and yelled fore. He looked up about the same time it came down on his cheek bone and ko'ed in the sand trap. I got up there and picked him up out of the sand and he had a big gash on his cheek. Said he was fine and he proceeded to walk down the fairway of the adjoining hole to who knows where. I brought him back and said we're going to the emergency clinic where they put some stitches in him. Interestingly enough my homeowners insurance paid for the bill. And no, I didn't do that on purpose. I'm not that good.
  10. Not even in the same book if it happens. Hogan's car was hit by a bus and he threw himself in front of his wife to save her. Tiger drove his own car off the road at very high speeds under very questionable circumstances. Tiger has the benefit of modern day medicine that Hogan did not. Only time will tell if Tiger can come back but it won't be Hogan like IF it even happens IMO.
  11. Here's a good example of keeping the club in front of you with a full shoulder turn that reaches close to parallel but I think it's all dependent on the golfer. Plenty of guys on tour who get a full shoulder turn with a shorter arm swing that doesn't reach parallel. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQHzH57HkPK/
  12. And there my friend is your first mistake. I don't understand the need to reach out and touch another male golfer who is likely very sweaty, no matter how good he is playing. But that's just me. I don't get chasing an errant tee shot of another golfer down the cart path just so I can fight through a crowd and point at it on the ground. Lord knows I have done that numerous times with my own tee shots and have yet to experience any type of thrill.
  13. It seems contradictory but it's not. He is talking about not rolling the right forearm over the left, but he is talking about releasing it in a sidearm type manner kind of like you are skipping a stone across a pond. As JetPilot stated, there is going to be some forearm rotation. In the LOP it's happening at through the ball and in the RIT it's happening later into the follow through.
  14. I've been to several pro tournaments in person and I have never felt the urge to yell anything. I"m starting to wonder if there is something wrong with me.
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