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  1. Keep grinding away with my LAB the last round was really nice it’s probably the best putting round this year. I had 5 putts that was 16-20feet that went in! Longest putt this year was around 10 feet so I would say that’s a great improvement I still struggle with pressing my hand forward (witch pushes the ball right) from years of armlock but it’s getting better But I’m very happy with the improvements that I can see now
  2. I am exactly the same the DF 2.1 I have know with the long sight line is really helping a lot…a lot more then I thought it would I play the ball 1-2 balls inside my left heel I feel that I get a great roll and I my aim is allot better I also notice that I have been playing with a lot of shaft Leen so I try to set my putter shaft with less lean and that also helps the ball to roll better
  3. is it possible to change the shaft on these? was thinking about a graphite shaft...
  4. Thx for the advice I feel I have to move the ball forward in my stance to get the best roll and I have been tinkering with the grip, right now a standard grip with the hands feels the best just need to stop gripping it so hard. As soon as I grip it light I feels great and I’m hitting the ball on line
  5. Well i have tried the DF 2.1 before and I think I dismissed it to fast.. I have been armlocking for the last 3 years and sometimes using a broom so the transition to a standard length putter felt to weird haha so I ended up selling it and kept buying/trading in hope to finding the putter for me. I eventually ended up with a couple of standard length putters and have been getting used to that way of putting again and the last putter was a Scotty 2.6 through a friend I know traded that putter for a 2.1 with tha sight line I want and my specs so I guess it was meant to be this time I’m going to stay with it! I think you really need to spend time and practice to get the best out of it! And right know I love how easy it is to aim with the huge line and the bigger grip really suits me more then my previous 2.1
  6. I’ll try and get some videos this weekend thanks !
  7. Well putter wedges irons I get what I’m doing wrong and I know what to do to get me on the right path again but I can’t seem to do that with the driver I can’t feel what I’m doing wrong that’s the big issue for me I mean if I slice it I understand why but I don’t get where it went wrong if you understand me
  8. Yes you are probably right just can’t afford it right now there kind of expensive in sweden 100-150$ for 50min but I’ll save up for it eventually
  9. so i have been playing golf for about 20 years and i play around 4hcp my strengths are my iron play and wedge game. from the beginning of my golf "career" i have struggle with my driver when i started playing I had a fade or monster slice the last couple of years i have developed a crazy hook, hook , draw to fade, slice, monster slice hahaha i can go 4-8 weeks with a driver thats fading or drawing slightly and hitting straight bombs and hitting the sweetspot without even thinking just teeing up and swinging, then out of nowhere im starting to get all my misses and the driver goes to sh"# when that happens i cant track back to what worked and i completely loose it, i usually leave the driver at home or sell it The thing is that i love hitting the driver and without it i feel like im loosing a bit of the golf experience but on the other hand i have less rounds where i loose my temper and just hate my self when i just play driving iron... i swing at 112-115 and carry 250-275 yards so when i get the bigger miss i usually loose a ball or go OB. that can happen several times and the round just goes south fast anyone ells have the same experience and got more consistent with driver during a hole season? what did you do? Im not scared of practicing but i cant find what i should practice and i have tried to take lessons but i havnet connected with any pros around my area.. driver fitting done worked i while but same result long term.
  10. practice putting with the arm that is locked against putter when you get the feel for that try using a very light clawgrip with the other hand. for me that has worked great the claw hand help stabilise the backswing and i feel like the locked arm puts the pace if that makes sense
  11. I have a Phantom X6 that has a custom paintfill and Im looking to trade for a armlock Bettinardi armlock SIK armlock (DW or Flo) Sales price 400$
  12. I don’t get the ban at all it’s not like every broomstick putter belly putter was winning everything why not just play as you want?
  13. When I was single 150 now with 2 kids I’m happy if I get 60 in a year
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