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  1. Bought a new x6 really love the putter but the paint was not for me. The colors I’m change to is white, gold and translucent purple I removed the paint everywhere on top of the putter and have started to fill the 3 dots I really like the cherry dots with translucent color. added acetone to the dots before the new paint to get the darker color on the sides and lighter in the middle waiting for that to cure then I’m filling in the sight lines with white and the X logo with gold
  2. the 12 grams Will add 20 grams in total (I think the original weights are 2g per side) I want it heavier then that but give it a go and see what you think
  3. Hi yes i have a picture of it Yes you really need to add weight to the head and I would rekommend as much as 30-50g it’s to light for an armlock without that. there are extra weights that come in at 20g each so if you can find them that would be the easy way otherwise I can’t se a better way then getting the lid of to put weight on the inside
  4. wow ! I mean wow! that would be so awesome to have in the backyard
  5. the water dident work but i got i lose on one side but the other is really stuck and its starting t get to me i have also changed the grip to a bryson one
  6. I ended up selling my 2.1 the jump from armlock and broomstick was to big and I never felt comfortable. Even though this didn’t work out I still feel that this putter is the easiest putter to keep in line , aim and the press grip is great. will order a armlock or broomstick when I save up the cash :D... Ill be back !
  7. more heat will get it loose but I don’t think you will be able to add that kind of weight under that plate it is a thick plate that fills up the space already
  8. yeah I’m conditioning them now and guess I’ll have to do it more often but it seems like the quality is not what I was before..
  9. No I never used cedar shoe trees never thought I needed to. I had a pair of Fj before and dident see this kind of damage in the beginning played allot more before to
  10. I bought these this summer and have played maybe 10rounds with them I have a couple of shoes in rotation. I was cleaning them today and saw what looks like cracking in the paint is this normal ?
  11. First time out on the course with it and its way different from my armlock . I wasn’t expecting holing every putt but it did perform quite good the biggest issue is finding the right speed and getting the feeling of the putt. But I didn’t pull any putts at all and every single putt was on the line witch is awesome. I think this is going to be a putter that stays for a while
  12. so i got mine yesterday and Im switching to this from my armlock witch is kind of a challenge I have always putted with a forward press and I relies that I don’t need that here because of the grip. Im also switching to left hand on the bottom for the reason that I see a nicer roll and less head twisting but that will take some time to get used to In Sweden where I live we can still go out and practice on greens so I think I need to try that the next couple of days. Right now im putting on my mat with the putout
  13. Where can I find 12g for spider x ?
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