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  1. Yea, I used all my tee time credits through June. So they still owe me for July thru Nov. I'll get those on the 12th..........of NEVER. Never seen anything like this, and I've been around a while.
  2. You got that right, and thanks for the replies. Just to keep things on the right track, for those that don't quite understand, that wasn't the deal when I signed up last November. They announced the upcoming change this April, and it went into effect in June. There has to be a lot of pissed off folks out there. At least they could have honored the original deal until people's yearly contract/agreement ran out. I immediately turned off my auto-renew, and that's that. Will be interesting to see where it goes from here. I'll never see Rory Mcilroy in the same light again. He was partners with
  3. So GolfPass had a really good deal since they began last year. You join for a year, and get a coupon code each month for a free round of golf. That was an awesome deal. Two friends, and I joined last year, and have been playing nice courses in our area every month. Come to find out that Golfpass has changed the agreement in June, and is no longer issuing the agreed upon promo codes, and instead is only giving $10 coupons each month. That is a HUGE change. I can see changing at the end of the agreement/contract time, but to just change the rules in the middle is really awful. Anyone intereste
  4. Great suggestions, and I'm going to take a couple of them. Has anyone heard of the Hirzl Trust glove? They have a kangaroo leather palm, and it grips better when wet. One will almost last me a whole summer. They work really well, but are expensive and not too easy to find. Usually about $33.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I think the Foot Joy rain gloves might be worth trying. Not a big fan of taking gloves on and off through a round. The Foot Joy Weathersoft has two leather pieces in the palm, just enough to get slippery , and the rest is synthetic. Maybe having two or three available is an option.
  6. The humidity here in southeast GA is brutal, not to mention the heat. My FJ Weathersoft gets "slippery when wet." Can anyone recommend a glove that won't slip when wet? Thanks, Ed
  7. I really like the look of my old Ping Kushin. Of course I said I didn't need a high end putter, but immediately began looking at the Scotty Newport 2 putter. It's a little more offset than the Ping, but looks very similar, and looks really nice.
  8. I am a good putter. Have been using my old faithful Ping Kushin for the past 35 years. Do I need a new putter? No. Just thinking with all the technology advances, it might be fair to try out a modern putter. I don't need the top of the line, unless it's really worth it. Just looking for a good working putter, that could possibly improve on my Ping. Thanks, Ed
  9. Thanks for the replies. Here's a few pics. Got the 8 iron instead of the 5. Also the driver. Looks like a complete set, with 1, 3, and 5 wood. They were purchased in '84 or '85.
  10. A family friend passed away, and had an old set of golf clubs. We believe he got them in Scotland, and the name on the irons is Lomond golf. They look to be from possibly the 60s or 70s. Steel heads and steel shafts, and are a bit rusted. I did a quick search on ebay and Google, and came up with nothing. Thanks, Ed
  11. A couple months ago, buddy of mine ordered me the 0211s, 6 iron through sand wedge...........7 clubs in all, with his hero discount. Got the mid sized grips, and stock shafts. Have been playing my 30 year old Pings, and it was time for a change. The new irons will take a bit of getting used to, but the signs are encouraging. They are 5 degrees stronger on the 6,7,8, and 9, and about 4 degrees stronger in the wedges. That alone takes some calculating when figuring out what club to use. Long story short, I've hit some really nice iron shots lately, and had more birdie putts. The clubs are lig
  12. Thanks for all the fast replies. Just ordered a couple of grey MCCs for my driver and 3 wood.
  13. Currently using a Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT full cord. They feel thin and stiff. Is there a better grip I can use? Are there mid sized grips for drivers? Thanks, Ed
  14. Thanks guys, you hit it. Backstopping is the term. Sorry I was away for a while. Great answers.
  15. Not sure if this was the exact term but, at the RSM last weekend, Jim Furyks playing partner had hit an approach shot to about 6 feet, and before Furyk hit his approach, he said something like, "you'd better mark that, or they might get me for Piggybacking, " or something like that. Any idea what he was talking abour?
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