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  1. Great callaway iron set with upgraded steelfiber i95 stiff shafts. 2* upright, standard length and loft. (Possibly can bend to your specs before shipping) 9 iron has the most wear, but still tons of life left in these. $700 $600 obo. Includes shipping.
  2. In GREAT shape. Loved this set for a few years. Standard L/L/L. Sold.
  3. Can't find a One and Done website or app for the life of me! I'm looking for just a simple website or app to do a small league with some friends for 2020. The only one I can find is $125 per league regardless of size. Free or inexpensive would be ideal.. Thanks for the help. Also, sorry if there is already a thread on here about this, but I couldn't find one.
  4. Totally agree about dove valley ranch. The bunkers are terrible too. I'm done there for a long while
  5. good points. But, they must know something about high handicappers and generation z that we don't. twice a year golfers must want something that looks like Ricky on a Sunday.
  6. First time trying to sell some stuff on here so give me some love! I've sold elsewhere, so don't worry, I know how to package and ship safely. Cleveland RTX4 set: 50/10, 54/10, 60/9. Accra 125 SPT wedge flex. .5" over. Standard Loft and Lie. These shafts are $50 up-charge per. They are smooth and pure, even on mis-hits. Grooves are in great shape! SOLD Mizuno MP-T5 set 50/7, 55/9, 60/06. 50 and 55 are .5 over. 60 is standard. DG wedge flex shafts. Grooves still have life. Just trying to move these for cheap! $55 for the set. +10 for shipping
  7. thanks! i'm gonna stick with what I have for now though.
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