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  1. I’d say the pictures are highlighting the minor imperfections that have some with minimal play. But I can defend these are some of the best double dots for sale. I can adjust the listing to eliminate the usage of mint at I agree this is more of an opinionated description. Thanks for the tips
  2. Set of Callaway Apex Pro 19 Double Dot (see tour TVC #) irons 5-PW, Nippon 125S shafts with black and white MMC midsize grips standard specs. Price dropped to $OLD shipped obo. these are in, what some would consider “very good” condition. Please see pictures for yourself I’d be happy to send more pictures if needed. Only interested trade: Taylormade P770/P7MC combo set, Wilson Staff Model CB or Srixon ZX7. pin 1/22
  3. I don't belong to a CC but I did work at one for close to five years and I have to say membership loves our continental breakfast service that we have every morning in season, as well as our afternoon snacks which can sometimes include soups and sandwiches that they can grab and go. Top amenities would have to be: Quality mens lounge; multiple flat screens, large leather sofas, table service for breakfast and lunch, well stocked bar with quality beer that rotates often (for those who come multiple days a week) Quality foodservice: Menu that is unique for lunch and dinner (rotating menu)
  4. Having worked at a club that has a no tipping policy I have to say it made for a much better working environment. You get a better hourly wage because a service charge is built into any purchase a member makes. You would still get tips from those who felt you went above and beyond what your job required which also improves membership, we knew everyone and their families which made the club less stuffy and helped make people feel like the club was an extension to their home. Now that being said there were those members who took advantage of this and would never ever tip even after you'd bendove
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