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  1. Thanks - very helpful! I do really like the apex pro heads.
  2. thanks for that feedback. I think you’re on to something. I am going to try the zx7 heads since the modus 120 are stock. Those heads are lower lofted and I think should help with the issues I’m looking at. Already using left dash 1x balls so I don’t think that’s the problem.
  3. Hi all - want to know if anyone has recommendations on some shafts to try…. I’m currently playing modus 120 stiff and really like the feel, weight, and generally most things about the shaft but I’m getting killed into the wind. The ball starts high and stays high. Fwiw I have them in an apex 21 combo set. The pro heads do a little better with this as they launch lower but overall it’s an issue. I know the modus 120 have a unique profile, but want to know if anyone has liked this shaft but gotten along with something else at a similar weight and lower launch. Thanks in advan
  4. It’s a great combo. Sim2 just a little better for me.
  5. Thanks for looking. No trades please. Epic speed Triple Diamond LS 9.0 with Ventus blue velocore 6s untipped. Used maybe 8 rounds and in great shape. Plays 45”. Some very light scuff marks on the face. Head sold. Shaft sold
  6. No trades, thanks for looking! 1. Sim2 9.0 head with headcover. Great shape. $old. 2. Ventus red 3w and 5w shafts with TM tips. $old 3. MD5 wedges. 54s/58s. Used 5 rounds. $225 for the pair. 4. RTX4 wedges. 52mid/58mid. Used half a season. $175 for the pair.
  7. For me, the TD LS was definitely lower spin, less forgiving (slightly) but longer on good hits than the Max LS. That’s just for me…
  8. I ended up giving the TD LS another shot. I had it at -1, went back to neutral and am having much better success. Haven’t had many shots drop out of the sky.
  9. Thanks for looking. No trades please and prices firm for now. Epic Max LS head 9.0. Crown is clean and some light marks on the sole from tees. Played 3 rounds and a few range sessions. SOLD. TSi2 15 and 18 heads. Crowns clean. 18 has some wear on the face. SOLD
  10. Thanks for looking. No trades please. Sim2 8.0 with graphite design AD-XC 6s. Has a tour velvet 360 grip. Bought from another member a week ago and wasn’t right for me. Head sold. Shaft sold pin 5/11
  11. thanks for looking, no trades please 1. Zipcore black wedges - 52 mid and 58 mid with PX 6.0 shafts and MCC grips. New in plastic. $old for the pair. 2. SM8 black 54-10-S and 58-12-D with PX LZ 6.0 shafts and MCC grips. Used 2 rounds and in great condition. $old for the pair.
  12. Mine is an LS, so I’m not sure if that makes a difference. Maybe it does. But no I didn’t ask for anything specific
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