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  1. is anyone playing the xc in their 3w?
  2. I’ve heard different conclusions about Ventus tipping. Fuji recommends not to and that the tip is the stiffest part of the shaft so tipping it can actually make it softer in the tip, but I’ve also read the exact opposite. Anyone have any experience here?
  3. Thanks. I bought a club online yesterday from second swing and appears to be tipped a bit but won’t know until it gets here and I can measure. Might be 1/2” or so. Maybe more.
  4. Any idea how an adaptor might fit into this? I realize that’s Probably a dumb question but is it 4” to the end of a TM adaptor?
  5. Bump! Curious about this too.
  6. No trades please. Offers welcome. Thanks for looking! 1. ZX5 driver with AD-DI 6s. 9°. This club has only seen a few rounds. Head $old shaft $old 2. Z585 irons 5-P with c-taper lite stiff shafts. The stickers were removed by a precious member. Standard LLL. $old shipped OBO 3. ZU85 20° with KBS tour Proto 85s+. Plays 1/4” over standard length. $150 shipped OBO pin 1/15
  7. It some kind of limited edition tour velvet. I haven’t been able to find others like it.
  8. Thanks for looking. No trades. 1. Tour AD-HD driver shaft 6s with TM tip. Measures 44.25”. $old shipped. 2. Tour AD-DI fairway shaft 7s with Titleist adaptor. Measures 41.25”. $old shipped. 3. Custom Toulon Atlanta (non-stroke lab) done through labworx golf. Only rolled a few putts indoors. Has a lamkin Toulon grip. 34.5” length. Stock loft and lie. $450 shipped. 4. Toulon Atlanta stroke lab putter. Measures 34”. Stock loft and lie. This club has been used for the better part of a season and shows some wear. Price reflective of that. $250 shipped.
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