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  1. Thanks for looking. Not interested in any trades. 1. Apex 21 irons 5-P. KBS $ taper 120. Std loft and lie. These were used 1 round only - no range time so they’re in excellent shape. $900 shipped. 2. Jaws MD5 wedges 54S and 58S. Do not want to split. Only used a handful of rounds. $200 shipped. 3. TM spider X hydroblast. 35”. Has been used about 10 rounds, grip only a few times. $220 shipped. 4. Taylormade sweet tea headcover from PGA championship. Has been used along with the spider above. In good shape but is used. $50 shipped. pin 10/19
  2. MG3 54° and 60° SB. Standard length, 2° flat. Brand new, stickers still on the face. They have lamkin cross lines but I have the MG3 grips and can include if needed. $325 shipped. Thanks for looking - no trades needed.
  3. Thanks for looking. No trades please! Bushnell pro XE rangefinder. Used for a season and in excellent condition. Includes original case as well. $old shipped. Thanks!
  4. This morning is said DG tour issue S400 shafts were on backorder until Feb 2023!
  5. I did a fit at my club around that time and they said $tapers were back ordered until end of October. Hope your info is right.
  6. For those that have played this, are you more comfortable at the same shaft weight as driver or as 3w? I play a 65g driver shaft and 75g fairway wood. I think the stock shaft is 68.
  7. Has anyone changed the insert in their spider X? I’m about to do some armor and paintfill through labworx and they said they have aluminum inserts and just wondering if anyone has changed from the normal one. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for looking, no trades please! 1. Apex/Apex pro 21 combo set. Gamed for a few months and in great shape. 4-7 in standard apex and 8-AW in apex pro. The combo set has the lofts slightly strong on the pros to gap properly. 2° up, standard length. You can’t get modus 120s through callaway anymore because of the huge backorder, and many of these heads are back ordered as well. Callaway align grips. $SOLD shipped. 2. MD5 raw wedges. 54S and 58T. Modus 125 wedge shafts. Standard length and lie. They’ve rusted slightly but they can be cleaned up with some CLR. Again, you can’t order these right now. Z cord grips. $SOLD pin 8/18
  9. Has anyone ordered $-taper 120 recently? Any idea how long that back log is? I know taylormade is out of stock until October…
  10. Thanks for looking. Not interested in any trades. 1. ZX7 irons 4-P - purchased these last week from another member. They only have a few rounds total and are in great shape. Faces are clean, there is some bag chatter as these are crazy soft, there also looks to be some wear on the soles from bending back to exact specs (lofts standard, lies 2* up, standard length). Modus 120 stiff shafts. $old 2. Spider X Hydroblast with flowneck - New superstroke pistol GT 1.0 installed. Club has a handful of rounds on it. $240 shipped. 3. MD5 black wedges - Used for less than 10 rounds. 54s and 58s. Stock LLL. $200 shipped for the pair and would prefer to sell together.
  11. Following this thread and wanted to see if those who chose the X forged are still happy with that decision. There are tons for sale these days so guessing maybe more people are liking the apex pros.
  12. I currently have an apex/apex pro 21 combo set… 4-7 in apex and 8-aw in the pro. I’m thinking about getting a 6 and 7 in the pro as I don’t like the look of the regular apex in the mid irons. Has anyone split their set this way or done something other than the stock configuration? Thanks!
  13. Thanks - very helpful! I do really like the apex pro heads.
  14. thanks for that feedback. I think you’re on to something. I am going to try the zx7 heads since the modus 120 are stock. Those heads are lower lofted and I think should help with the issues I’m looking at. Already using left dash 1x balls so I don’t think that’s the problem.
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