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  1. I don’t usually post my pickups but had to share these. Some brand new still in plastic z745’s.
  2. Brand new. I just received this a couple of days ago. It’s a 6 divider Players 3.0 golf bag in grey. Very high quality bag but decided to keep the Titleist linkmaster that I purchased off of here. Bag includes everything that it came with: cart strap protector ($25 value), rain cover and double shoulder straps. Asking price is $375 plus $50 for shipping. If shipping ends up being less, I’ll refund the difference. If it’s more, I’ll eat the additional costs. I’m located in Houston, TX, which if bought locally then no shipping costs. I’m not trying to make any money
  3. Im probably going to regret this one but figured one of y’all can use this more than me. Have too many clubs and this set has been sitting in the closet. Bridgestone J15CB’s 4-PW DG Pro S300 shafts Iomic grips in good condition Overall, these irons are in great shape. Don’t see too many of these available in this condition anymore. Asking $430 shipped and PayPal’d OBO No trades please.
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