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  1. I really like the looks of those. Will be adding a 5 iron to my set. Exactly what I am looking for.
  2. I would think they would be cast. These are SGI clubs.
  3. https://mygolfportal.com/e2wShoppingCatalog.aspx?parentId=3101010891&parentLink=2101000056:3101009509:3101010844:3101010891
  4. I did find a golf portal for Srixon/Cleveland that listed the ZX4 as a demo product. I wasn’t authorized to go any further, but they are real. Guess I will have to be patient but it is hard this time of the year. Srixon seems to be releasing information on Mondays so maybe tomorrow or next Monday.....
  5. Still nothing on these. I wonder what the story is about this line. Is it a ghost set of clubs, never to be found.
  6. I am definitely a Srixon fan in the irons vs the XXIO. I like the XXIO woods much better. I have XXIO up top, Srixon for the irons (currently have 585/785 & will be buying ZX4/5 in January) and CBX2 wedges. This is the first year that I have embraced forgiveness in clubs and it has made a big difference in scoring and enjoyment of the game.
  7. I have this Driver and hybrids. I love them and I can hit them farther than any other driver that I’ve used. I have a ss of 104 and I don’t have a problem going left with it. I have always preferred lighter weight shafts in my woods for some reason.
  8. I can’t believe that we haven’t heard anything official about this club. Would love to know the lofts, etc...I love Srixon but I am really perplexed with the rollout of the ZX Line in the States.
  9. Now that the Z585/785 lines are “Sold Out”, you would think that they would push the release date up for the US. Not sure what they are doing here.
  10. That sounds exactly how my order will go in minus the 4i. How much up charge for the Aerotechs?
  11. Has anyone fromEurope on here ordered these yet? Just looking to live vicariously through you for a bit. Would love to hear more about these in hand.
  12. I haven’t seen anything on this line recently. I would’ve thought that the release date in Europe would produce a look at the shaft selection, etc. Still waiting to see anything on The ZX 4’s as well. I don’t want to buy a ZU for a 5 iron.
  13. “There is even a hollow body zx4 high handicap iron. Circa the launcher hb irons but with a bit more tech and class to them.” This is from @QuigleyDU. I haven’t heard of them until he saw them.
  14. Yeah, they also may have different release schedules for the UK and US. They may drop all of them at the same time here and do a staggered release in the UK. Not in any real rush but it is fun to be in the know.
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