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  1. I can find info about some of the xp line, but nothing about the xp115, in terms of tip trim instructions. From what I can tell from looking at other xp's, and so it seems other DG parallel shafts, it has the IR2 code. That sound right?
  2. Asked same question...not sure about the answer. There is a metal "cone" at the bottom of the grip that is not flexible like a rubber grip so the golfworks tool won't work.
  3. I apologize if this has been addressed before, but I would like some input on how to remove a Flat Cat Solution putter grip to use on a different putter. It has a 75g solid weight in a cone shape that sits below the grip. I see that the venting hole is not at the end of the grip like others, but on one of the sides. I would usually use one of the golfworks grip removal tool and some solvent, but the problem is the weight that is aluminum or some other metal alloy. What's the method to get that off safely to use on a new putter? Thanks in advance for any input.
  4. I played xp-115 in s-300 (no longer made) and the ball ballooned and spun too much. For me, the tips on the xp shafts were way too active. Much different result with the DG-105, for example, in the same s-300.
  5. Thanks for input. Will outfit the c-taper with the proper tip and give it a whirl!
  6. THE TOOL: I picked up TaylorMade "GAPR" Mid (3, 18*) fitted with a KBS Hybrid 80 graphite shaft (S). I ordinarily prefer softer flex shafts when it comes to lightweight graphite - it's more of a "feel" thing. For me...when lightweight clubs are fitted with stiffer shafts, I don't feel the club load. Just a personal preference. Would respectfully ask for some input if anybody has some experience here about re-shafting the GAPR. THE OBJECTIVE: I currently play an M-6 hybrid 19* (and a matching 3-wood at 15*), with a stock fujikura "atmos" shaft, in regular...and I hit it great, but it goes high. In regular conditions, it's fine for 215/220 yards. When it gets windy, it's tough to control because of the height I get. Looking for something I can play that's long but lower for windier conditions...a "UDI" of sorts. THE IDEA: Want to fit the GAPR with a different shaft in a REG flex. Here's the recipe (some might say one for disaster! But what the heck?) C-TAPER OPTION: I have a KBS C-Taper (uncut, for 3-iron) in Regular (110)...just lying around. For my irons, I built 4-PW with SteelFiber i110 in regular that are parallel tip, and are cut hard-step 1x. So, they're kind of a "R+" or "S-" but work great. I just checked the specs, and the 4-iron has a 19* loft. (For points of reference, I hit my 8-iron 145-150, my 4 iron goes 190-200, the 19 Hybrid (like I mention) is 215-220). I have been using my 4-iron off the tee for windy conditions, but could use a little more power. A. The c-taper is a taper-tip .355; not sure if the TaylorMade tip requires a parallel-tip .370. B. The corresponding graphite KBS hybrid in Regular is 70g. So, going to a 110g c-taper is a pretty significant difference in overall weight. C. Is there going to be much difference between the GAPR in 18*, and my 19* 4-iron, and just ditch the idea? Or in the wind, would replacing the m6 hybrid or 3-wood with the GAPR give me some more flexibility off the tee if I stuck in the c-taper? D. What about another shaft option - heavier graphite, like a RECOIL ES? Or even another SteelFiber i110? Any thoughts? Is the c-taper idea a viable one for UDI/driving iron purposes? I appreciate any input.
  7. On the Miura's: Someone asked about selling heads only - willing to pull shafts and sell heads only for $600. Thanks for the inquiries.
  8. Super nice set of Miura cb-57, 4-PW, fitted with KBS Tour c-Taper 110r (spine aligned) (play stiff-minus, or regular-plus says the deflection board); New Decade Mid Grips in great shape. A little chatter, but very nice for vintage. $675 shipped western US; an extra $10 for east coast. $650 for local pick up. Masters Tri-Fold Towel in "can't miss" green: $35 shipped to you. Masters Smathers & Branson embroidered key fobs, 1 in green, 1 in navy blue, $50 each shipped to you. Will listen to reasonable offers. Happy Holidays! I may have earned only a C- in my civics classes, but I took 4 strokes off my golf game in just one semester...
  9. Can you specify if the shafts are taper tip or parallel? Thanks.
  10. PLENTY of legit reasons to hurry up...all having to do with environmental or personal concerns where you're trying to sneak in a round, push the edge, darkness, weather, whatever. So - nobody stopped and skipped a couple of holes to get to a "sound bath yoga" class?? Didn't think so! Then again - I am divorced.
  11. Guy gets up super early one sunday morning and doesn't want to disturb his wife so he slides out of bed, gets dressed, and heads into the garage to put his sticks in the car to go play. But he opens the garage and it's howling wind, ice, sleet, snow, and he decides, forget it...gonna spend the morning in bed with his wife! So, he slides gently under the covers and caresses his wife's arm and says how horrible the weather is out there...an in a sleepy voice the wife says, "can you believe it? My husband is out playing golf in that!!"
  12. So the setup came out great. The stock shafts were way too soft, and the steelfiber 110 are really nice. I was playing TM p790 with xp115 s300 shafts, and the ball flight was high with a lot of spin. These, even in regular flex, are a little flatter and further (although this time of year when it's colder it's tough to get a good read). I HARD STEPPED the 110 in regular flex (one time), and for the wedges, I installed the 110 in stiff flex, and soft stepped them to about an 8 iron (1 1/2 steps). The feel is a lot lighter than the kbs tour shafts that were in there, but the feel is really nice. I have a 51* miura that I hit with a full swing, and so far, it's been predictable. Compared to the p790, the feel is comparable; visually, about the same, although part of the back of the 0211 sticks out on the longer irons. One thing for sure...the #'s are MUCH easier to read than they are on the p790 that uses a modern script that was hard to read sometimes. There were times I thought I had a 9 iron in my hand and went to approach and realized it was a 6.
  13. Indeed - only can see 2, but I have a 59 as well...
  14. Been trying to figure out what to do with parallel tip Steelfiber shafts when I got my hands on a set of PXG 0211 irons. I had 7 shafts that were “regular” flex 110, and 3 that were “stiff” 110. For the irons, I hard-stepped one (regular), and for the stiff shafts, I soft-stepped them 1 1-2 times for miura wedges. My swing speed was slowing down, so I ditched my p790’s that were fitted with xp115 s300’s, and so far, I think I found a sweet-spot! Went to range after I picked them up, and I am totally pleased with the setup. Sure, it’s the Indian and not the arrow, but I like what’s in the quiver.
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