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  1. G400max driver Tsi2 4 and 7 woods. The 7 wood is my new favourite club in the bag. No more hybrids for me.
  2. Loved the 2019 TP5 but recently just getting too much spin on short irons and wedges to the point its a problem. Tried the 21 TP5X and really like it but wasnt happy with the scuff marks from hitting a wedge or from the sand. Going to give the Tour BX a go and see what happens.
  3. Used to play a hybrid and it used to be the best club in my bag. As my swing improved and long irons etc improved, more club head speed - the hybrid became the least accurate in the bag. I now carry fairway woods and hit them and long irons and my dispersion is a lot better. Everyone is different I guess. I do like watching the pros hit hybrids and pump them left into a grandstand, then take a free drop. They look at their hybrid like its a bit mystery and I think wow it happens to us all.
  4. buckethat72

    7 wood

    Hi I tested both before adding my 7 wood to my 4 wood. There was a question in the fitting whether to use a higher launch higher spin shaft in the 7 wood given it might be used more often to approach greens than the 4 wood, but in the end the launch on the 7 wood was so good with the same shaft we put the matching shaft into the 7 wood. Both TSi2. If anything the 7 wood is even better than the 4 wood as far as launch and spin goes - just perfect. No more hybrids!
  5. Perfect explanation thanks a lot - Im going to give it a go
  6. G-Bone, Ive played the TP5 for quite a few years but lately Im getting so much spin with short irons and wedges that its hurting my game. I tested the 21 TP5X recently and that was a good change in this department but durability was a bit of an issue. Im wondering if you think the BX would be a good option. Ive read above you said its also high spin with short irons/ wedges. How do you think it compares to the TP5 on that front (hoping that it is less spin than the TP5 on those clubs).
  7. Try putting on a real putting green too (if you didnt) - I dont know why but that seems to make a big difference too. I think my EX is as close to my old scotty on feel than any other insert Ive tried which is one of the reasons I bought it.
  8. Exactly the same here - hybrid used to be great for me but as my swing evolved the hybrid got worse as everything else improved. Ive just ditched my only remaining hybrid and now go driver-4 wood - 7 wood - 4 iron. I tested the 7 wood next to both 3 hybrid and utility irons with a fitter on trackman and it wasnt even close as far as ball flight and dispersion went. I thought it would be close but was a very easy decision in the end.
  9. My platinum ex is as new - very happy with it
  10. OP, I went through exactly this at a Titleist fitting last week - TSi2 3H vs TSi2 7 wood. Total yardage was comparable although 7 wood was more carry, less roll. I was amazed how much tighter the left/right dispersion was with the 7 wood. It was just flat out more forgiving. Launched high, better landing angle which would have no problem stopping on greens. I was really happy to see such a clear result because honestly I thought it should go either way. I have struggled with hybrid accuracy last 12 months so no more for me Ill be bagging the 7 wood along with my 4 wood. Regarding wind, if la
  11. I recently went from 50/54/58 to 48/53/58 and barely noticed. Really happy with a new option at top of the bag and love my 53 and 58 combo around the greens.
  12. For me the TSi2 4 wood and Sim2 max 3HL were both excellent. I picked the titlest for the adjustable hozel and 42.5 inch shaft. It's a genuine 4 wood whereas the TM is 3 wood shaft length just with more loft hence the name 3HL. Very pleased so far.
  13. I recently put a TSi2 4 wood (16.5) in the bag which is the first fairway Ive had since starting golf 5-6 years ago. Previously Ive used a 17 deg hybrid in this spot and played an extra wedge. Its been so good Ive been looking at replacing my hybrid with either a 7 wood (21), 3 hybrid (18-19) or utility iron (like the U510 or TM Sim UDI). After much testing including on trackman at titleist and TM fitting days etc, the TSi2 (21) 7 wood is an absolute standout for me. I was especially surprised by the difference in dispersion of the 7 wood compared to the TSi2 3 hybrid. Very forg
  14. I think the only reason to get a putter fit is to learn that straight back straight through makes no sense! Oh, and maybe to get the length right.
  15. I've rolled the ex a few times now. Im considering swapping out my newport 2.5 for it and have been looking at toe hang mallets for a while including the spider x. With other options I thought the feel I like wasnt really there compared to the scotty, but I have to say that the insert in the ex is the closest Ive come across so far to what Im used to - nice pop and feedback which I think is important for distance control. I was very happy with the stability of my stroke and the alignment features. I didnt even need to use the line on my ball anymore it was so easy with this putter. So loo
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