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  1. I spend more time chipping/pitching on my putting green than I do putting. 1. You can lay your mat onto of the putting green, when you choose to hit into the net. 2. Go as big as you can. 3. Add as much "Rough" as you can, on all sides to create variety. 4. Don't go cheap, this is truly a "Cry now, enjoy later. vs. Save now, cry later." scenario.
  2. You could always go 50 bent to 49, and then 54/58. I play a 58 and I've found that the most important thing is to find a 52/54 with a sole that suits your game, then tweak the lofts to balance your gaps/yardages.
  3. Just going off similar head shapes, I would look consider Taylormade M3, M5, or SIM2.
  4. Walking Erin Hills with my pops during the 2017 US Open! Still can’t believe JT got home on 18 going 3 wood/3 wood from 667 yards.
  5. I carry as often as possible, and primarily use a Ping Hoofer 4 Series (Lite) or an older Titleist Sunday Bag. If you are going to carry: Bare Essentials Only in the bag. (Range Finder, 3 Balls, Water)Pull out the odd/even irons, which also helps spice things up if you are playing the same course repeatedly.If I have to carry my full 14 club set and the course is extremely hilly, I will use the push cart if available.
  6. I keep my range finder in the smaller pocket above the larger center (ball) pocket. I prefer to keep the rangefinder inside the bag instead of using the carrying case that it came with. Little more secure and less conspicuous. I use one of the club glove towels and secure it by running it through the umbrella string and tightening it in place. Walk 80% of the time and haven’t had any issues this way. The 2020 Ping bag lineup was disappointing overall, specifically the single strap on the L8, and the ugly design of the 2020 Monsoons. I still think the Lite is the best of the lineup for 2020.
  7. 2017 Hoofer 4 Series with the rain hood in the hip pad.L8+ with RipstopOG Hoofer (1996?) Hoofer 2 and Hoofer 3 Looking at switching over to the 2020 Hoofer Lite. I really wish the new L8's would have had a dual strap option.
  8. Are you available January 16th-18th for this event? Yes, I can be in Carlsbad in 4.5 hours if selected. Current driver setup? Callaway Epic 10.5 with Graphite Design AD TP-7 TXWhat excites you about the new TaylorMade SIM woods? I love that they brought back the V-Steel sole in the Fairways. I’m curious to see how the new sole/shape cause the drivers to sit at address. Are you willing to document your experience in the GolfWRX forum as well as on social media? Absolutely! Will there be any additional golf? Maybe a round at Goat Hill?
  9. Can’t wait to see the lineup! Love the idea of a retro L8, but hoping for a Dual-Strap option. I’m still using a 2017 4 Series. The straps and handle on the 18/19 Lites seemed like a step backwards.
  10. Saw photos of their dual strap sunday bag for the first time yesterday, awesome look!
  11. Reinland for the driver, or Muni Kids if you are looking for something with more modern style. Handmade by some of the nicest guys in the game. Daphne's for the 3 wood, because Frank. (Still using the original size, not the 460cc) AM&E putter covers, unless you game an 8802 style blade in which case you have to check out the Rose and Fire blade cover. I have been struggling to find hybrid covers that won't fall off when walking. (The newer Rocket Tour Skinny Sticks do not fit the same as the old ones.) Plus there are so many awesome handmade leather options out there right now, Dormie Workshop, bloodsweatandthread, and Robert Mark just to name a few.
  12. Interesting... I have been playing the XS for the past two seasons, and usually go with the softer/higher spin option.
  13. I love combo sets and have always played the 5-7, 8-PW split, I prefer the added forgiveness starting in the 7 iron. Hogan Apex/Apex Plus, Nike Pro Combo, Bridgestone J33 MB/CB, and Hogan FTX have all been bagged over the years. I am currently playing Mizuno MP-18's 5-7 MMC, 8-PW SC. Set both 7 irons down and trust your eyes.
  14. I played a mix set of Hogan Apex Plus (5,6,7) and Apex (8,9,E) for almost 10 years. This past February I replaced that set with a split set of Mizuno MP-18's. The MP-18 MMC's shape really reminds me of the Apex Plus, and the feel is amazing. Strongly recommended. The Mizuno PW shape still looks goofy compared to the Apex/Apex Plus Equalizer. The Srixon PW shape is better, but I couldn't deny the MP-18's performance.
  15. I cannot knock the Idea Pro hybrids out of the bag. The 23 is a permanent fixture in the bag, but I do go back and forth between a 18 and 20 for my 3 iron replacement. Clean look. Very versatile. No fear of the hook. I just trust that they are going to do what I expect them to do.
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