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  1. I just started wearing my first pair with the boa system. Don’t think I’ll go back to normal laces. It’s convenient to tighten through out the round. Also someone with bad feet it’s nice to have no tight spots on the tops of my feet.
  2. I hit both in a fitting last week, including the new ping and taylormade. The epic seemed pretty hot but not as consistent as the tsi3 accuracy wise for me.
  3. Any high caps using this thing? Really been working on my swing plane and wondering if this would be a good tool.
  4. Hello, I'm sorry if i am posting this in the wrong area. I am interested in getting fit for a putter. Does anybody have a recommendation for someone between Savannah, GA and Hilton Head Island? Is there any type of fitting one would recommend? Thanks
  5. I will have to look into the places mentioned above. Shame there is not anywhere a little closer.
  6. Atlanta and Charlotte may differ 15 mins for me either way. Is Victory in Atlanta?
  7. Hope this is the right thread for this. Anyone recommend somewhere to get a driver fitting near the augusta Georgia area? Thanks
  8. Lost 2 in the same round last week. Both hit the middle of the fairway. Still puzzled by it
  9. I contacted bettinardi about it but am out of the warranty by 2 months. It’s not that bothersome and is not too noticeable at the moment. Really just didn’t want it to get any worse.
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