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  1. M4 3HL. Deep face and great off the deck with minimal distance sacrificed off the tee. I’ve always hated hitting fairway woods off the deck, but since I got it the 3 hybrid has been seeing much less action.
  2. To reiterate Hollywoodtlb’s point above...The multiple colors at address irritate me to all hell. The 5 wood has gone back in the bag. The sim max 3 hybrid has been a hook machine for me, but as we know it’s the Indian not the arrow.
  3. FWIW I recently purchased a set of 0211s from PXG Express and all the lengths were standard... this was prior to any information being included on the eBay listings.
  4. 3-P 37.5" 50-55-60 35.5" Perfect Ok, so I am not the only weirdo. Granted I am playing the super strong PW in my F8 SL set and 52, 56, and 60 in my MP-T5. Probably too much of a gap between my 52 and the pitching wedge, but I think I will quickly work it out this spring.
  5. Anyone make a long term commitment to VL wedges and SL irons. That’s how I finished out my season, and I was definitely much more dialed in 100 in going back to my old wedges. However, I will say green side chipping with the SL gap wedge was a lot more confidence inspiring for some reason. I think cause it forces you to stay more upright it almost feels like putting.
  6. I very recently purchased a set. However, I bought the one set as I am going to attempt the change from variable length. They sound good and look good from the 7 iron down. The 5 and 6 iron have a larger cavity back as my understanding is that they have tried to move the center of gravity back in these clubs to help in elevating the ball. Although it is going to take some work, I think you can adjust and have proper elevation with the 5 iron. They're aggressively lofted and I am slightly concerned about my current inconsistency in gapping from 9i-GW. Overall, they feel very good for a game improvement iron. Coming from the forged JPX 850 ( those are a great set) you may want to take a look at the forged king cobra iron.
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