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  1. I've done two DIY arm lock putters now. First was an Odyssey Tank and second was a Cleveland Belly. The Odyssey bent very easily for both loft and lie. I put it in a vise with some plywood to prevent damage to the face. Then I used one wrench on the hosel. A couple pieces of tape on the hosel as well to minimize marking. Then a second wrench on the first one to give a parallel lever. Then you just start pulling on it. The Cleveland was tougher to bend. Wouldn't work with the above method. I had to use some longer wrenches, a more sturdy workbench + vise, and use a propan
  2. TaylorMade Sim 10.5 Driver head. This is in great condition. There is some light markings on the face from typical use. There is a small chip or dot in the paint on the top near the hosel on the white part (see picture). $250 shipped.
  3. I also prefer to tip trim, then glue heads, then butt trim, adjust SW as needed, then grip. Works well for me.
  4. You can likely get pretty far by using abrasives. Sandpaper from 100 grit all the way up to whatever level of polish and gloss your heart desires. I've done a few by hand. It takes time and patience, but can produce a nice result. Power tools can help speed it up a lot.
  5. No, the drill is a heavy exaggeration. It creates a really good feel for me and my issues.
  6. 18* is 225, 21* is 200, 24* is 185.
  7. Major early extender here. Monte was very helpful to me in my journey. I'll offer what are hopefully some complimentary thoughts. With my EE I focused a LOT on lower body movements. Right hip depth and right knee extension in the BS was huge. It is definitely a core building block. But it didn't cure it for me alone. I also needed to learn what to do with that new space being created. Namely how to add some right side bend and change how my right elbow works in the downswing. With my old EE pattern I have little right hip depth, so no room. Right elbow gets stu
  8. I did the Ping deal where I registered, got the screw in sensors for free, then paid the yearly subscription. I have 30 rounds in so far. I love it and am finding a ton of great value. I use the on course GPS function a ton. I have a rangefinder and will use it some, but find the GPS to be helpful. I love how it gives me both a true yardage and its estimate playing yardage taking into account wind or elevation etc... I find it helps me be confident in picking a club into wind for example. I even did a 9 hole round test where I looked at the estimated yardage and club to the
  9. I am slowly stepping my way forward in tech in the single length world. I have been gaming the Pinhawks in 5-PW. I believe that some of the benefit of single length comes with commitment over time. I didn't really notice a lot of change in ball striking or statistics at first. But I have been playing these Pinhawks steady since March and am really feeling like the benefit is showing. It is still early to really tell, but my scoring average and GIR statistics are improved. I usually spend 15 minutes hitting balls with a 7 iron into a net in my back yard, and I really feel like I'm groovin
  10. I mangled and frankensteined a set of Mizuno t zoids to have uniform 270g headweight and uniform lie angle. In the end they were pretty close to blades. I currently play the pinhawks 5-pw. I put them in the same set of shafts I had in the Mizuno experiment. The Mizuno's had extreme ball flight problems. The 21* 3 iron was a stinger machine. Probably 140 carry and 70 yds of roll on a fairway. Very unplayable for me. The wedges played okay. The pinhawk long irons are much better.
  11. 2 hcp with about 106mph driver clubhead speed. I have long played hybrids at 18* and 21*. I am currently playing another at 24*. Irons start at 26*. I have found I like playing the heads a touch heavier and the length a touch shorter. Helps produce some more center strikes.
  12. Callaway Big Bertha Nike forged titanium Titleist 907D2 Taylormade M3 Taylormade M5 Taylormade SIM
  13. This is a set of build Maltby irons. The 4 iron is a TS2 head with a True Temper LT Score Shaft cut to stiff flex. The 5-GW are TS1 heads with FST 115 Pro Stepless steel shafts cut to stiff flex. 7 iron is 37" and the set goes +/= .5" from there (standard length). Standard loft and lie as well from factory. Grips are Royal V Sand Wrap with +4 buildup tape layers. Condition overall is great. The faces are in great condition. The soles have some normal wear and chatter. The GW has some scratches on the sole near the toe as pictured. I'm listing this as a complete bu
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