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  1. I concur. I don't get all the love. They do absolutely nothing for me, both visually and in usage. But hey, different strokes for different folks. Some people don't like Wilson's stuff, and I totally love their stuff.
  2. I've been trying all sorts of players cavity backs. I tried the Srixon's, the Pings, the Titleists and the Mizunos (as well as the Hogan PTX's). Gold Medal: Mizuno 919 forged Silver Medal: Srixon and Hogan (these two were a virtual tie, and quite frankly, had I tried these on the same day as the Mizunos it may have been a 3 way tie). Bronze: AP2 (Great club, but it was set up with a shaft that I felt was very heavy. Probably not an indictment of the club but rather being set up wrong for me.
  3. Just got back from a great round at Lake Arlington Golf course. I shot a very crappy total score of 88. But I can unequivocally say that the horrendous decisions I made off the tee on 6 holes easily added 8 strokes to my score. I play blades. I love blades. Looking at my average 18-hole score most would say I have no business picking up a blade. Maybe they are right. Maybe not. Blades, in my opinion, should be classified as a "game improvement" club. I say this because blades broke me of a decades long habit of overswinging and strangling the club. OUCH on mishits. I learned to
  4. I guess depending on which shaft brand, some regulars might be stiffer than other stiffs. I do plan on improving my swing and getting into better playing shape. I've already gained a few MPH since the beginning of summer with my diet and exercise, as well as really working on a smoother and more fluid swing. When I was 20 I was swinging out of my shoes and hitting the 108 MPH mark. But I was in magnificent shape, and truth be told, I probably could have had better clubhead speed if I'd have quit trying to "kill it". I play regularly with a guy who's 54 years old, 5'9" and built like a
  5. I didn't think so either. Now, my last driver was 8 or 8.5, but it seemed to have a lower kickpoint, and it didn't have all the tungsten weights. I actually hit it higher than the 11*. I'm totally stoked with the 11*. I love it right were it's at. Now, if I could just fix my swing with one of those little wrenches I'd be sound as a pound.
  6. Whatever it is, I'm crushing it at 11*. I'd leave alone at 11* then. Definitely leaving it alone. It's a nice, repeatable shot with more than acceptable distance for the courses I play. Sure, it'd be nice to uncork a 270 or 280 when needed, but that's on me and my out of shape swing. Not the clubhead.
  7. I hadn't thought of transition and release. I just always described my swing tempo as "moderate". Not too slow, not too fast. Then again, the way I perceive things is certainly different than the way another might see it.
  8. I'm just curious why a stiff shaft feels so go to me with a Driver, but the Regular flex in the 3w feels good. Same manufacturer. It's just a curious observation and, like I said in the OP, some shaft co's say "go stiff" at over 90, while other say 93, and yet others say 100. I'm also pondering this for the future. If I'm, say 96 speed now, but anticipate gaining a few more mph by getting in shape and becoming better and more efficient, would you go stiffer in the anticipation of gaining speed or would you just reshaft later?
  9. While waiting for my Ping Eye 2 2-iron to get here, I've been pondering shafts. Considering Graphite. It's an 18.5 degree lofted club. Keeping my driver swing speed of mid-90's in mind, should I be eyeing an R-flex or an S-flex. Would definitely want something with a higher trajectory. I'd like to keep the shaft under $50. Can y'all recommend some shafts? Thanks!
  10. I've only played with 4 Drivers in my life: My first one was a K-Mart special $30 driver. It sucked. My 2nd one was an OG Callaway Big Bertha. Pure joy from what I remember, it's been over 20 years.I wish they'd remake some "retro drivers" and this would be the first one I'd recommend. My 3rd one was the King Cobra 427. Horrible high pitch "Ting" to it. If I caught it just right it would make my ear ring. My latest one is my Wilson Staff FG Tour F5. Great sound to it, and it launches scuds (once I got the right loft dialed in).
  11. I just bought (about 3 hours ago) a Ping Eye 2 Blue Dot 2-iron for $15 on Ebay. I want to say it's like 18 or 19*. I remember hitting my buddy's back in College and absolutely launching them. Truly these irons stand the test of time. One of the best iron sets ever made.
  12. No doubt about the DG S300's. Now, keep in mind, these shafts are 20 years old (I hung 'em up for 10+ years). So I got 20 years older and 50 lbs fatter. Back then I had an upper 80's swing on my 7i. When I first started playing again (a few months ago) the 7i swing was in the low-mid 70's. I'm getting myself back into playing shape, and I've been dropping quite a bit of weight getting back in shape. But the reality is that I will most likely never hit 90 on the 7i again. Even if I did, I still want to swing a lighter club that has a higher trajectory and more spin. I don't want max
  13. Was looking at the XP95 and 105's, also the Modus 3 105's. Really anything in that 105-115 range would feel way lighter than the rebar I'm swinging now.
  14. I've actually gotten into a bad habit of trying to elevate them with the wrists because they've been going so low. Last thing I want to form is the habit of wrist flicking. Oh, ok, disregard what I said then :) Yeah you're right, you don't want to wrist flick Yeah, I'm thinking it's a number of things. Having a low trajectory, low spin shaft combined with my "less than optimal" swing being the two main culprits. Part of me thinks is also paralysis by analysis. Having to really concentrate on my long irons (especially when swinging butter knives) probably does not suit me well. Funny t
  15. I've actually gotten into a bad habit of trying to elevate them with the wrists because they've been going so low. Last thing I want to form is the habit of wrist flicking.
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