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  1. Spend a few hours on the sim a few weeks ago with MP20, JPX forged, MMC, T200 and ZX5. ZX5 was what felt the best. Compared to my 704cb, night and day. Think best results were with s200s. They really felt smooth.
  2. What lofts? 100% swings with them or more chipping use?
  3. I'd been giving the RTX's a look. I couldn't really put my finger on the aim for the 2 models. I am not really needing much forgivness in the wedges. Maybe a CBX for the 56/58 and an RTX for the 60.
  4. I finally need to replace my CG 14's. 58* and 64*, wedge flex. These have been great for me, but I rarely hit the 64 and the 58 is loosing its teeth. I've been hitting some with a friends SM8's and 2015 model Vokeys, and I've noticed at least in the SM8s a lot of vibration on full swings, even on good strikes. Overall a lot of feedback, and I wouldn't say the good feedback. Now, I doubt the rubber insert on the back of my CG14 is actually dampening, but overall it just feels better. I would say I feel more confident in the result with the CG14 on full swings, but chipping the
  5. Maltbys has the XRs with a slightly higher MPF but other than that I am not sure about the numbers. https://www.golfworks.com/images/art/MPF_CALLAWAY.pdf
  6. the reviews for the Steelheads are great and would be new obviously (not many used sets available locally). The BBs would be about $150 or so less being used but much of that would go towards regripping. So with price being about the same I’d like to know if anyone has used both as they’re similar and some of Callaways more popular sets.
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