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  1. Would his vaccination status change how you think of him? If so, you're the problem.
  2. No one gets influenza in the summer. The CDC is asking for tests to be developed that can actually test for Covid, not everything.
  3. He might not even have it. Look what happened to Bubba at the british open
  4. This. 99.9 percent of people dream of the PGA tour life. You get travel, work only 7-8 hours per day, lots of time off, great money. Let's trade and see how you like that lifestyle.
  5. If it was a PCR test it could be for any virus, not definitely the vid.
  6. It's all about the sponsors. Not the location, not the course, not the crowds. If you sponsor it, they will come.
  7. I thought it was awesome. The players beat the showmen, as it should be. All is right in the world today.
  8. Anyone that isn't afraid of long hours and hard work would take the job in a heartbeat. Unfortunately most (99%) private club and professional caddies are grifters who want to put in as little as possible to get the maximum benefit, without trying very hard. In most cases, that caddy at your club that you love playing with doesn't actually care about you. He's acting and using you for some easy money.
  9. Google Henry Cotton and you'll get a lot better content for free, if you don't mind black and white.
  10. Truth, but not because they won't work well together. Probably a temporary assignment with a guy he trusts.
  11. The bare spots are due to the winter damage of the bermuda grass. Winter kill. It never happens here, but did this year. Several very high end courses around town that have bermuda fairways and greens look the same or worse. I am surprised that the LPGA tour didn't fund or bring in a contractor to help address the turf coverage issues, especially on the greens. I'm assuming it's a financial issue.
  12. Not at all. Just pointing out how what he did was basically an NBA or soccer flop.
  13. Those guys play by feel. He left because he wasn't playing well.
  14. Good on you. Same here. But yes, trust me they exist.
  15. So you would have quit too?
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